Monday, 11 January 2010


Due to the 43c heat I decided to drive to work, and do slurpee repeats in the evening.

All out until sinus freeze (icecream headache).
15 seconds rest
repeat until finished.

During the day (during my lunch break...I swear!) I read a bit about people's experience at the Aus Road Nationals (held yesterday). It was a stinking hot day, and even standing around to feed riders was taking it's toll.

Wade Wallace of Cycling Tips doing some work early in the race.

Anyway, one of the write ups was by Drew Ginn, an ex Aus Olympic Rower now half turned cyclist. The piece is filled with a lot of honest truth about his own performance, but one line he wrote while discussing why he does races struck a chord.

"To be on the limit, physically, emotionally and mentally pushing to hold the line. The line between sheer agony and ecstasy is appealing. To be on the rivet as they say where the intangible and tangible intersect is unreal."

I love/hate that place.

PMPW: 91kg

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