Sunday, 10 January 2010


Last night was one of those nights where you're so tired that you can't sleep. Besides giving you less recovery time it's ridiculously frustrating at the complete lack of logic to it.

1 x 100 @ 16kg Waterbag Hang clean, squat, press
1 x 50ES @ 20kg KB One arm swings
1 x 200ES @ 16kg KB One arm cleans
1 x 50 @ 32kg Waterbag cleans
1 x 70 @ 32kg Waterbag cleans
1 x 15ES @ 32kg Waterbag cleans to shoulder

Broke up the waterbag exercises with a short rest each set (partially to wipe it down, mostly because it hurt), and swapped hands every 10 for the KB work.

The lacerations from yesterday were making the cleans a bit more fun than usual, but after a while the brain completely turned off to everything bar counting reps.


Gavin came back, meaning he's already mentally tougher than I was the first time I attempted Jeff's. Claire (Ian's wife) made her debut as well, and spent it getting to know the ugly side of a kettlebell.

PMPW: 90kg

Yesterday's mystery 4kg has magically disappeared again.... odd.

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