Saturday, 5 December 2009


Melbourne - Kinglake - Melbourne:
The route was the zig zag one out to Kinglake, then a big loop out towards Yea, through Flowerdale and back through Kinglake West.


Well the plan was to just get some tempo ks in, in fact the plan wasn't the ride as described above, we'd discussed going down to Yarra Glen, but that's a matter for another day.

All was good on the tempo front until Church Rd, Downie pushed the pace and I may possibly have responded and taken it a little bit further. I may have possibly then set a fast tempo on the KL climb, and possibly TT'd the entire thing to see what time I could achieve (19:17 to the roundabout).


So anyway, in Kinglake, legs still a little DOMSy, a little spent from the ride up, we embarked on what became a mind numbingly long back country loop. By the time we got back to Kinglake again we'd added an extra 60ish Kms to get us to 150km for the day, and we still needed to get home. We were all feeling smashed, and despite gorging ourselves at the bakery energy levels did not return until long after the ride was done.

This sign basically summed up the mood (click it to see it bigger).


Once Jim pulled off at Kangaroo Ground, Downie and I played games (again), I'm happy I was able to mostly hold my own, taking a few wins, but he held me out by about a wheel on the final spring to the Ivanhoe/Heidelberg Red Rooster.

So despite it being a ridiculously long day on the bike we did have a few moments. Downie almost crashing into a roo (pics didn't come out), busting Mario doing secret training, and a mailbox that left us giggling.



D: 208.4km
A: 2910m

Beers drunk: 2
Chocolate eaten: 250g
Pasta eaten: 645g
Icecream eaten: 1L

PMPW: 90kg

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