Thursday, 3 December 2009


Just a quick note to say that Steve did a cool write up of the Kona 24 on the Baum Blog, worth a read, if only for his ridiculous prose.

I woke up for NRR this morning, but decided to roll over and go back to sleep instead of heading out. I think it's time to re-declare my goals publicly. Doing so helps me ensure I don't back down, as doing the hard yards to achieve it is somehow easier than telling everyone I failed.

So here goes.... I want to finish in the top 30 males at the 2010 Otway Odyssey. I believe this will require cutting around half an hour off last years time. Ideally I'd like to beat Jim, I know it's his focus for this year. I know by saying that last bit here he will read it, and likely train harder as a result.

I'm continuing to work on pedal technique for my easy rides (commutes), but today I also mused about body positioning on a bike. The relationships between bodies and bikes fascinates the crap out of me, specifically road bikes. Allowing for pedalling efficiency, minimising wind resistance, while accounting for long distance comfort all while dealing with the idiosyncrasies of peoples bodies.... I feel like I could spend a life learning about it, and still not know everything.

Did a lap of the Boulevard with Justin for giggles. It's not more kms, but it is more vertical. Plus it's nice to ride through parkland.

D: 43.7km
A: 430m

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 20ES @ 43kg Step up to lunge
1 x 40ES @ 43kg Explosive Step ups
1 x 30ES @ 43kg Explosive Step ups
1 x 20ES @ 43kg Explosive Step ups
3 x 15ES @ 43kg Bulgarian split lunges
1 x 50 @ 40kg 2 arm KB Cleans

The step ups to lunges were tiring, but the explosive step ups did me in both physically and mentally. The last rep of each set was barely a shuffle of the feet at the top.

Jeff prescribed 2 sets of KB cleans, but for the second time in a week I cracked and refused to do more. The first set had some freaking ugly technique, and the rack catch landed beautifully on both my new grazes, still I should have been able to do the work, especially given the focus rant I wrote earlier (above) today.

PMPW: 89kg

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