Saturday, 26 December 2009


Mt Donna Buang - threepeat:
Once long ago, someone thought it would be a clever idea to drive to Warburton and do hill repeats of Mt Donna Buang, 3 repeats would give just over 100km and 3km vertical. Awesome, book me in for that, sounds grand. Well sometime more recently, let's call it "last Wednesday" someone decided that this weekend would be a rad time to do it, that's right, after a training camp to Bright. *sigh* Fine, lock me in.

On the way up on lap #1, I got a flat and watched BJ, Alex, Downie and Belly ride away. Fuck! I took my time to change it, ensuring there was nothing left in the tyre and set about changing my plan for the day to be "chase those bitches* down".


Each lap there were random rabbits to chase, yet all the while I thought about the guys and took note of where they passed me going the other way. I took heart that it was getting closer and closer to the turn around points each leg.


On my final lap i was feeling the hurt, my knee was a little off so I was working on different pedaling techniques to manage it. While scooting back on the saddle really nailed my hanstrings and glutes it actually seemed to cause more knee drama which I found odd. At Cement (Legs) Creek I saw Steve O'Brien hanging about, I waved and kept riding, soon after I became aware he was behind me somewhere so tried to keep clear, but he eventually chased me down with about 2km to go.

As for chasing down the guys, well I never did catch them, but they waited for me at the top of the last lap, and we raced down the hill. Downie was all over the road trying to stay clear, but despite sticking only to the left lane I was able to stick with him.


Despite a healthy Christmas weight gain, I was really happy with how I climbed today. Sure I wasn't close to the sub 1:00 times that Alex kept up all day and Downie managed on a couple of laps, but I felt good on the bike, and believe the times to be solid.

Lap 1: 1:21.15 (up), 18.20 (down) - a wild guess is the flat took 10-15 minutes to repair.
Lap 2: 1:04.11 (up), 18.50 (down)
Lap 3: 1:04.37 (up), 16.07 (down)

D: 102.3km
A: 3,280m

PMPW: 94kg

* Please note I'm not upset they kept riding, but I felt the need to use derogatory language to make myself seem more important. Did it work?

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