Thursday, 24 December 2009


Tawonga Gap:
Everyone was all set to go for a MTB ride, but when Alex's middle ring turned out to be within a nanometre of death, he and I decided to go out on the road bikes again.

We only wanted a couple of hours, it turns out so did Cal Britten was up for just such a thing. I'll admit I was made slightly nervous by his choice of attire, but he claimed it's all he's got while he looks for a Euro contract.


We headed up to the top of Tawonga, a nice steady pace that allowed Cal to talk normally with Alex. Me? Well I had enough breath for special comments.

As we rolled back down and then out towards Hotham for some extras, the weather started to change, a fitting sign for the end of a good training camp.


D: 55.7km
A: 695m

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