Thursday, 31 December 2009


I'm not big into New Years resolutions, I figure if you want to do something then why wait for a special occasion to do it. So, I'm now going to state something that sounds very much like a resolution, but its just coinkydink that it's coming at new year.

I will ride the fatties every Wednesday it's humanly possible next year.

I'm saddened that the ride that helped teach me to ride dirt and introduced me to some great people has had such a decline.

While I'm not quite arrogant enough to think my mere presence and awesome qualities will draw people back to the ride, I do hope that having at least one constant face will encourage others to join me on the trails.

In my brain it's a ride where those new to the sport, can ride with those who've done a few laps and can show them a thing or two. It seems only a few years ago when a 15ish year old James Peacock was dragged along by his old man, riding that 5" dually he once owned. Languishing off the back he persevered for what seemed like months, now he's an Australian and Oceana champ.

I know come mid winter when it's cold, wet and miserable I'm going to hate myself for such bold statements, but screw mid winter me. He's a fucking sook, and probably fat to boot!

PMPW: 92kg

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Ok, that's a good one.