Tuesday, 15 December 2009


6:00 NRR
Not much to report, just sat in all morning feeling reasonable, able to go around riders who dropped wheels, but way too far back to play in the sprint.

D: 41.5km
A: 125m

Flat hill dirt crits:
Bruce (with wheelbarrow) setting up.

So as something different, racing was in random teams, rock up, pay your cash and wait for your name to be pulled from a hat to see who you're going to race lap on lap off with. I was teamed with a Total Rush guy (Anthony? Andrew?), and was volunteered into the first lap.


The first lap felt short, the first lap off felt long, from then on in the times seemed to be reversed. After a couple of cycles I figured I'd be smart and calculate roughly how many laps I'd need to do. I may have been distracted by the fact we were holding 2nd and totally forgot to divide the number by 2 (for the number of riders in our team). This did not help my mental state, nor was my apparent lack of any technical skills. I felt I was riding like a nufty.


When 3 laps to go were called I was pleasantly surprised, then the surprise turned to concern when i found out just how close 3rd was. I presumed 3rd was Tim whom I had a good gap on, turns out 3rd was Justin Warnes and he was gaining fast. Into the singletrack on my last lap I could hear him behind me, the little shit had started the trash talk, so i did what any sane man would. I brake checked him into corners and moderated my pace in the tight singletrack so I could punch it through the open sections.

So, 2nd place earned me some new socks. Not only do they have an acceptable cuff length but they've got nekkid ladies on them as well. SCORE!

In hindsight it's not a bad result, I felt a little flat, but had forgotten about yesterday's massage which would have left me a bit leggy.

D: 8.1km
A: 140m

Commuting on the MTB always makes me smile, the hum of the tyres, the desire to find things to hop and just the slightly slower pace you're forced to take.


D: 35km
A: 300m

Chickens Eaten: 1/2

PMPW: 90kg

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