Thursday, 10 December 2009


6:00 NRR:
Oh man, this was one of those mornings where the alarm goes off, you stare at it, hoping simply through force of your will it will be wrong. The alarm wasn't wrong, and it was goading me. "It's 5:00am, get out of bed you lazy fuck!". I tried begging with it, "....but I don't want to" It laughed, then called me fat. So just to spite it, I got up.

I sat in all the way down pulled a quick turn through Mentone, but receded back into the fold quickly as my aim was just get some kms in. By Black Rock I found I had to ride around people feeling the pace, I was feeling pretty comfortable.

I promised Eddie Wilson a lead out for the sprint, I moved up through Brighton, sat myself 3-4 from the front around Elwood, then as the first rider started to flag I pulled out and took the pace from around 53kmh to 58kmh. There was a few other riders on the road, but I figured a promise was a promise and kept the pace up, waiting for the sprint to come around me. The sprint never came, I'm still not sure if it was the pace or just the traffic (cycle and car) that stopped others from following my wheel.

D: 40.7km
A: 100m

I made a conscious decision to ride in to work, the forecast was for a fine morning but turning increasingly shit as the day went on. Once at work on the bike I would be forced to ride, rain or shine, a good technique for getting the kms in.

Around 2pm when it was pissing down outside I began to realise that early morning me was a jerk and that I didn't like him or his lack of consulting late in the day me when making such my decisions.

Soaked on the ways to Jeffs, drenched on the way home. I hate you early morning me!

D: 44.9km
A: 365m

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 2.5 Min ES @ 43kg Step up to lunge
3 x 2.5 Min @ 43kg Alternating step ups
3 x 1.5 Min @ 43kg Bulgarian split squats
1 x 30 @ 43kg Jumping squats

Everything bar the jumping squats were done for time tonight, with the same amount of time as rest.

The step up lunges smashed my lower back and I stopped with ~ 20 seconds to go on the first set. The next set(s) knowing roughly how many I could do in the time I paced myself a bit better.

Both alternating step ups and split lunges I got better the more sets we did.

PMPW: 90kg

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