Monday, 30 November 2009


Kona 24 hour: (part 2)
Continued from yesterday.

In keeping with the trend of the week I slept poorly. To make matters worse I found out that my team mates had not retired to bed like I'd expected, but instead had done doubles and triples to get us through the night.

Overwhelming feelings of guilt and disappointment at myself sets in.

I got changed and met Steve in transition at around 5:50am. My lap was done without lights, but on the night course. The open fire road nature was good and let me settle the legs despite no warm up or breakfast.

When I got back to transition, there wasn't anyone waiting, I presumed I was meant to do a double, just like the guys had been doing, so I headed out again. They'd changed to the day laps sometime earlier so I got to see some new trails including my loggy arch nemesis from the first Otway Odyssey.

Ash came back after his lap looking pale, he'd bonqued so hard he had been experiencing vision loss (lost frames), he was done. Steve feeling guilty about a stuffed up alarm during the night offered to do a double to cover Ash. The maths said that my lap would leave us a few minutes short of the 24 hour mark, and I decided I would also do a double. David had done a triple during the night and he deserved the rest.

Everything was going to plan, I was packing my stuff up while Steve rode the double, which made it very confusing when I looked up to see Steve at the camp site. His body had cracked, so I quickly got my skin suit on and headed out, 4 gels tucked up my shorts "just in case".

The first lap was hilarious, though there were signs the trails were starting to dry, my semi slick tyres were still sliding everywhere. I was finally feeling reasonable in the single track and had a ball drifting through the turns.

The second lap things were really starting to get grippy, and only a few patches of mud remained. I still hadn't had a gel and was starting to think about going the whole way without using any. I came through transition and headed out for a third lap. I could hear the announcer talking about the double up, heh, how little he knew.

The third lap was awesome. There was bugger all traffic and the track was in neigh on perfect condition for my tyres. I laughed a few times that in the 24 hours of racing I had the right tyres for only about 1 hour. I finished up having negative split (got faster) on each consecutive lap.

While I'm proud I managed the triple, very proud that I got faster each lap and proud of 10th on the start lap. I am thoroughly disgusted with myself over my hissy fit. I left my team mates to pick up my slack and that's unacceptable.

I will re-evaluate my desire/ability to race 24 hours solo. I should be ok to complete one towards the end of next year, but I might not have the mental capacity to do one at the end of this summer.

Category: 6th
Overall: 16th

D: 124.8km
A: 2,085m

I didn't take any pictures with my camera, so will have to wait until Steve puts his online.

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