Monday, 30 November 2009


Kona 24 hour: (part 1)
I got another night of shitty sleep before rising early to collect Ash and head down to Forrest.

After a quick check of my bike, I half volunteered half got nominated for the first lap. I told Ash to expect me in the first 15-30 riders and lined up on the 3rd row.

The first two rows were filled with guys after the $100 put up for fastest prologue, or maybe it was fastest first lap, either way I wasn't in with a chance so was happy to look for a sit. I had to work around a few riders who had either got a good hole shot, or had judged their speed poorly and lined up too far forward.

I settled somewhere in what I guessed was the top 10-15, by a few km in I'd lost contact with the race leaders, but still had a few around me to play with. In short I sucked on the single track, but felt good on the fire roads, I managed to work my way forwards past a few guys and ended up finishing 10th overall and 1st in our category (Foursome Mens).

From there my day went a little downhill, it started to rain, the track got ugly and my mood went south. By my third lap Jim and co had pulled out for at least the evening and I was polling my team to find out how they felt about a similar move. After my fourth lap I cracked the sads and called it a night, believing that the others were of a similar mindset.

Continued tomorrow.

PMPW: 90kg

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