Saturday, 21 November 2009


Mt Hotham - Bright - Mt Hotham:
I had plans to do Hotham to Buffalo return, but I got a crappy sleep, I still had DOMS and the weather was looking shitty. CBFs 1, Neil 0.

I rolled out with Andy Dorman who had pre-arranged to ride with some Total Rush guys staying a couple of hundred metres up the road. Hotham repeats was the word of the day.

The descent was sketchy, visibility was bugger all. The glorious potential energy stored up had to be be scrubbed off with brakes in the name of safety. Meaning that the little kickers from the summit became twice as hard. No speed into them = longer on them.

At Harrietville two of our group decided to go straight back up, the rest of us wanted a couple of km to warm up the legs, so rode on to Bright. A short stop for coffee and cake, then we remounted for the ride back to the lodge.


I was rolling along in my 53x14, and while it was initially due to laziness, once I found out it was doing in Andy's head I had a reason to mash it the whole way to Harrietville, so I did.

Into the climb the 3 other guys set a good tempo, so good in fact that I didn't want a bar of it. I was a little sad that I didn't feel like I could hold it. A km or so up the road I noted that Nugga had broken and was off the other two's wheel, so I picked up the pace to bridge over to him. With the conditions not looking too pretty and my legs still feeling a touch under done I decided I'd ride with him to the top.


The poor lad must have dug a little deep to play on the other's wheels, as his breathing never seemed fully under control. I did my best to coach him through, to suggest recovery periods before and/or after tough sections. As for me riding with someone slightly underdone meant the climb felt easy.


By the top we were well and truly back in the clouds and any thought of repeats went out the window in favour of getting out of wet clothes and into a hot shower.


D: 111.3km
A: 1790m

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