Thursday, 19 November 2009


I was reading an article that Steve sent me. Before you comment, I know it's about Triathalon, and no I have no idea why I decided to keep reading once I found that out. Anyway, there was a comment towards the bottom that struck a chord with my current thinking about training.

"The balance within our sport is quite difficult to balance but I do often feel that the top triathletes simply do not race enough and they tend to over plan things. This is a physical sport and often trying to quantify things with all these new gadgets and training principles confuses many athletes and they often spend time doing a series of solid exercises that do great things for everything but their triathlon racing. You can’t supplement training for racing. How many times have you seen that amazing athlete who trains the house down but can never put that performance together in a race?"

It may seem somewhat ironic to comment about that on a day that I've got Jeff's, but well, there it is. It's possibly less ironic than a fly in your Chardonnay or rain on your wedding day.

D: 45.0km
A: 435m

2 x 20 Deck squats.
1 x 2.5 minutes Powerband sprints (53 reps)
1 x 2.5 minutes Powerband sprints (18 reps)
1 x 2.5 minutes ES 1 legged box jumps (28 LHS, 27 RHS)
1 x 2.5 minutes ES 1 legged box jumps (33 LHS, 33 RHS)
1 x 2.5 minutes Rack Squats @ 40kg KB (26 reps)
1 x 2.5 minutes Rack Squats @ 32kg KB (32 reps)
2 x 2.5 minutes Back Squats @ 43kg KB (?? reps)

Powerband Sprints were ok until my feet started to tear apart on the second set and I had to abandon it. The 1 legged box jumps were weird and the squats were ugly.

PMPW: 91kg

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Jeff said...

1st set of Power band sprints was for 5min Neil. Try & keep track. Anyone would think you have problems concentrating