Tuesday, 17 November 2009


5:45am NRR:
So when yesterday Ian hassled me to ride NRR, I was skeptical but figured I could just sit in the bunch and chat. 5:45am comes around and the early bunch rolls out, with no sign of Ian anywhere. Crappit, I got up early and I'm not even getting to catch up on gossip!

I sat in and span the little ring on the way down, pulled a couple of TT turns when the bunch got separated by lights, but nothing to evil as the 1/4 too is friendly and slows down for such things.

I continue to sit in for the return journey, and felt good on all the rollers. The bunch was strung out coming through Elwood, I moved up around the outside and hit the Elwood lights rolling, up the road were two guys, the one in Total Rush kit had a good 20-30m. I wound it up, and managed to get to 55km/h, his advantage was closing fast and I knew he was fading, I threw for the line, DENIED, his wheel edged over just before mine.

I'm really happy about the ITT speed, that's a good solid solo speed with no apparent wind.

D: 42.0km
A: 145m

Flat Hill Dirt Crit:
I was hoping to earn myself a couple of tubes tonight, but as I rolled some familiarisation laps fast rider after fast rider rocked up. My initial estimate had me at about 10th fastest, but the legs were feeling decidedly unfresh.

Off the start I was holding 3rd, Sean Hurley threw some hooks and sent me wide letting Russ Collett sneak up the inside and pushing me to 4th. By halfway around the track it was obvious that I wouldn't be able to hold this speed and let a few through. This pattern repeated for the next few laps until I was in ~10th.

I came through an open section, looked over to see Cam Mak walking his bike, asked if he was ok, then picked myself up off the ground. I'm not sure what happened after the asking and before the picking myself up, but somehow my bike and I parted ways, and my front tyre was half torn off the rim.

Only a little bit of claret from my knee, and a good chance to hurl abuse at everone still racing. :)

Ben Randall started from mid pack and worked his way through everyone for a comfortable win.

I managed another stack on my way home via the trails. Dropped a wheel off the side of the elevated off camber trail (near the guide dogs). Nothing too serious, but every limb, my chest and my face all bear scratches and bruises.

I think I'll give the Fatties a miss and take tomorrow off. It'll be a good chance to pack everything for this weekend at Hotham.

D: 30.4km
A: 360m

PMPW: 90kg

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