Monday, 16 November 2009


>FTF 6 Hour - Officer:
I arrived early and helped set up some of the rego and timing bits and pieces. I could feel my left hip was bloody stiff, and in general I felt flat. I vowed that I was going to use this race to just get in kms. I knew that I'd said this same thing many times in the past and then gone on to destroy myself as soon as I got the first sniff of competition, I vowed this would be different.


Once again on the SS, this time running 34:20 (1.7:1). A little gear for a hilly course.

I started towards the middle of the field and worked forwards past those who had been a bit too eager at the start and pushed their limit. By lap two I was in a nice space, riders had split into ones and twos and pretty much everyone was going about my pace.

The first 2-3 hours were pretty simple, I was able to clean the course, though a couple of hills were certainly making me work for it. The steep rooty and rocky drop ins that scattered the trail kept things interesting, and I was having a ball on the last piece of on camber singeltrack before the start/finish.

Around that 2-3 hour mark I started to catch riders I knew, David Rusden, Jeff Williams, Richard Read. I had an issue with my seat, the clamp on my post was loosening off so I had to stop twice to fix it up. This let the guys catch back up and repass me. I was a little annoyed and the next couple of laps found that my motivation was dropping off and I was getting pretty tired.

I decided to take a break at around the 4 hour mark, 30 minutes of sitting back, shouting encouragement and hydrating. I could have seen out the day in that chair, but that would have had me fall short of my 12 lap target by 4 laps. I got back on the bike and figured I could manage 3 laps. I searched for places to take it easier. I felt that the pace I'd set earlier wasn't allowing me to recover well enough due to the continual pinches and climbs.

I managed to squeeze in 4 laps, and re-caught David and Richard on the last one, sadly they were still a full lap up, but it was nice to ride back to and past their wheels.

So, 12 laps was my target and I achieved that. I'm happy that I did the day on a SS, and cleaned the course on pretty much every lap. If I'd kept the pace a little lower earlier I'm sure I could have got a 13th lap in as I wouldn't have had to take a break. I'm happy that cramps were never an issue, despite the heat of the day.

10th out of 40 solo men (40+ was a different category).

Post race sausages: 2
Chickens eaten: 1/2

D: 83.4km
A: 2235m

PMPW: 90kg

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