Saturday, 14 November 2009


Melbourne - Kinglake - Melbourne:
I really didn't want to get up and ride today, I really wanted to just roll over and get some sleep. The thing that got me out of bed was knowing Andrew Downie was going to be there as well as racing tomorrow, in other words, I had no excuse.

A short roll across town to meet at Mario's place it turns out Andrew had piked. Oh well, I was there, I might as well get the ks in.


The route was the backroads one Jimmy put together, and early on Mario and Cameron were keeping me honest on the climbs. By the time we hit Church Rd I was worried I was going to crack.


Cam turned around early, leaving Mario and I to hit the Kinglake climb together. We had no real urgency and were chatting happily when Scott Liston, Lach Norris and Murry Spink sped past us. Shorly after Paul VDP and Jack Lamshed cruised up and we tacked on for a free ride. Jack asked if I wanted to head on and do the Yarraglen loop with them, despite being pleased to be asked, there was no chance I wanted to play with those boys the day before a 6 hour.

Pauly (left) dwarves the 6'2" Jack (right) on the bike. The dude is all arms, legs and speed.

I made sure to stretch Mario out on the way home, my petty vindictive way of getting revenge for making me work early in the day. :)

I dropped the shell that was once Mario back to his place, before heading home to a big lunch and some quality time in the bath. It's ok, I had 10kg of ice to keep me company.

D: 140.9km
A: 2025m

PMPW: 90kg

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