Friday, 13 November 2009


Yarra Trails:
I got a message late last night that Campbell was going to get some trails in this morning, in the spirit of sucking it up and getting some more dirt time in, I signed up.


I ran a smallish gear (2:1) as I knew we'd be on the inner trails, and despite feeling a little sleep deprived I had a heap of fun.



This next photo is a name and shame. Campbell, cited for non matching socks.


D: 32.8km
A: 345m

D: 32.3km
A: 295m

Despite the flyer not saying anything about it, I found out when I rocked up on my SS that the event was rigid only. I finally convinced the organiser to let me race with my forks locked out, paid my cash, and rolled up to the start line.

The course was up, through, and around the Kew Boulevard Crit course, that had 3 sets of barriers, a mud pit and a lot of heckling!

Sadly the barriers were too high to bunny hop, so I practised the bike carry and remount techniques learnt in Toronto. I was doing the smoothest remounts of my life all night, not a single undercarriage misshap during the race. It seems though, that throwing 90kg of bloke into the air with wild abandon and having him land butt first on a seat is not so good for the seat.


Despite my claims on the start line that I'd just roll around, I got white line fever when the race began. I started well, and almost had Dan Hale on the 1st lap, but he got away from me, Wade Wallace then caught and pased me around lap 3, and i held out for 3rd.*

I was happy to be the only one to clean the staircase climb, sadly it was only the 1 time, the rest of the time I was forced to dismount and remount which cost valuable time.

Wade ended up chasing down Dan as well, his reward, a gold plated 12" bike. Mine a knog computer and a t-shirt.


*Just for the record, by held out i mean sweated like a man on death row for all 6 laps.

D: 13.3km
A: 265m

PMPW: 90kg

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