Sunday, 1 November 2009


I almost forgot about racing today, thankfully a conversation last night reminded me about crits and the SSS. Sadly the crits were washed out, well they ran, but I wasn't eager to play on the wet SKCC circuit.

I set essentially the same flying 200 time as last round to qualify in A-grade. There was a point in the last corner where I had to back off the power to deal with some headshake, so I think a faster time was possible, despite a little soreness in the legs.


I had a massive case of the CBF's and only took the initiative in the first race (my only win for the day). I'll try to work on taking control at the next round, as well as working to get my 200 time down.

A circuit session working in pairs, one performs the task, then swap, continue to swap until 2 minutes has expired.

5es Jerk @ 24kg KB
5 Chin ups/10 Jumping chin ups
15 Wall ball @ 11kg
10 Waterbag Hang cleans
10 MB Slams @ 20kg
10 Push ups
10 MB Push Press @ 20kg
5ES Snatch @ 24kg KB
5 ES Clean and Jerk Long Cycle @ 24kg KB

Extras of Push Press and snatch.

The tale of CBF continued, I'm a little ashamed of it. Chin ups were almost all jumping and at one point I resorted to girlie push ups, but they weren't any easier.


PMPW: 90kg

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