Thursday, 8 October 2009


D: 24.5km
A: 245m

Jeff did a 4 point pinch test before we started, my results put me at 10.5% body fat. I think I should be able to get that lower come XC season, but I'm still pretty happy with that.

4 x 10 Powerband Sprints
1 x 7 Powerband Sprints
1 x 10ES @ 16kg KB Swings
5 x 10ES @ 36kg Explosive Step Ups
2 x 50 @ 36kg Squats

I was meant to do 6 x 10 sprints, but tore the bottom off of my right foot. A pity, because I was going further than last week for a full 10 count. It's also possible that I've destroyed another powerband..... oops. :)

The step ups were slightly hindered by my foot, the squats were just plain hard.


Tour de Burbs:
Felt a little flat (duh), finished mid pack up Doncaster, 3rd up Williamsons Rd, 2nd on Foote St, mid pack on Burgundy St, chased the hook turners up the cutting and finished with a 4th on Heidelberg/Heidelberg. Not too bad an effort, but I might have to stretch out muscles that were trying to accommodate my right foot issues.

Afterwards I did a lap of the boulevard with Justin, I forgot how bloody dark that road is. I'm normally on a MTB with my HID.

Bag weight: 5kg

D: 53.6km
A: 695m

Carl has put up a couple of vids from Sunday's Summer Sprint Series (SSS), this is me vs Chris Ray in the first round. So, so, so, so close! :D

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