Wednesday, 7 October 2009


I had half planned on racing B grade, but Ian pointed out that he had been racing A, and that if I raced B I would effectively be saying he was faster than me. So... well, there's fat chance of me admitting to that any time soon, so I put my name down for A grade.

The field contained a few guys I'd done ok against at Sunday's racing, which did a little to placate the nerves. First up was a scratch race. I was feeling ok, but got caught behind a split at 2 laps to go. I may have been able to bridge it, but I would have been too tired to contest the sprint, so I swung up the boards to get the next rider to provide some help, sadly the help wasn't as strong and we finished half a straight down in 5th/6th.

I've always hated points races, the attacks hurt me. I watched the attack for the first of 3 points go, and rolled a tempo to ensure it stayed within sight. Pushed on when they all swung up the boards tired and managed to get some points on the next one (3rd?), from there it was a war of attrition I went the long way around another rider and snuck my wheel in front for a 2nd.

I had a little hope I'd do ok in the motorpace, 26 laps seemed like a long way, but whatever, sitting behind a bike is easy. It turns out that 26 laps allows a motor bike to ramp up the speed to "OMG" fast by around lap 10 (to go). I worked my arse off as my vision slowly closed down to a tunnel, a tunnel filled with pain and the elusive wheel in front of me. It was around lap 4 (to go) that I finally blew and pulled up the banking, while the remaining few riders fought it out

Overall I'm comfortable with my results. I finished ~ mid pack in all races and with some work/practice to get over being pretty wheel shy at those speeds I might be able to get better results without any fitness improvements.

I moved from a 49x15 to a 50x15 for the racing, it's bigger than I've run in the past, but then I'm faster than I was in the past, so it seemed to work.

PMPW: 91kg

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