Saturday, 3 October 2009


Hell Ride:
I felt ok this morning, not great, but not smashed. Still I am due to race twice tomorrow so I thought it best to just get the ks in without going too deep.

I started the ride with Ian, two up on the front. We held a steady tempo and waited for riders to come through. Surprisingly they took until just after Mentone to roll through. From there I just sat in, through to Frankston.


I moved to ~10th before Hopes Rise, and got out of the saddle early only to find myself behind a slower rider with others going around us. I eventually found a way past and made it over the top in 3rd. Pushing to keep the power on, I was soon off the front, clear of everyone with the guy in 1st. Down the other side the bunch caught us, and a few small riders attacked the second hill. I sat on 2nd or 3rd wheel and felt ok. The final hill was a little like last week, I went hard to follow a wheel, but Top Leaper was on the front and it was hurting. I couldn't close the 1 foot gap to the wheel in front, but then it wasn't getting any bigger either.

On the return leg I sat in again, trying to keep towards the front so I wouldn't have to chase when lights inevitably came in to play.


Sitting 30th-40th at the bottom of Rickets Point, I told Ian I was going to go for it. I pulled to the outside and drove a big gear, slowly passing rider after rider. with 30m to go I was within the top 5, but it was starting to hurt, I kept the power on knowing these guys had been working since Frankston and snuck my wheel in front at the crest.

I tried to find someone to lead out for the BP sprint, but no one I knew was up for it. I help wheels as long as I could, but eventually had to pull around when my lead out tired with 800m to go. I aimed to hold a high speed and give everyone a good spring board. At 50 to go I felt a wheel come up to my hip, but it wasn't closing fast, I kicked and kicked clear to take "the win".

Rolled a couple of extras with Ian to check out the Crit course and get some breakfast.

D: 111.3km
A: 390m

PMPW: 90kg

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