Sunday, 25 October 2009


Shipwreck Coast Classic: - Victorian Road Champs
When I signed up for the Warny it seemed like a stupid idea, then I noticed there was a race the day after, so to make the Warny seem less stupid I signed up for the second race as well. Sometime between the sign up and today the race became the Victorian Road Championships.

So I woke up and Could. Not. Be. Fucked. Who would have thought that the day after the longest race in the southern hemisphere I wouldn't want to ride let alone race again? Crazy, I know!

So after two breakfasts, I kitted up. The skinsuit was out due to a lack of pockets, but the medal for finishing the Warny was in! It kept hitting me in the chest during the race, reminding me that I was a freaking retard. :)

I had no idea how my legs would fare, and had no goals for the race. The race started straight into a hill buffeted by strong cross winds. Almost instantly riders were strung out in the gutter, gaps formed and breaks appeared.

I did my best to help Tim out, including giving him a push to a wheel he was chasing. After that I got together with one of the A-Grade TFM riders I know from Hell Ride. The TFM dude was absolutely hammering it on his turns, and we were soon back with Tim as a 4. We all worked together and were soon a 6.

I think we lost the TFM dude at Allansford (where the finish would be), but collected another couple of riders. We worked well as a group, forming echelons across the road into to the wind, everyone doing their bit. At some stage another small group caught us, yet seemed unable to join in to pull turns. In hindsight we would have been better off to attack them and had them off our wheels.


By the time we turned to head home with the tailwind I was feeling good about the race, I felt I was the strongest rider in our bunch and started to plan how to shell everyone else (bar Tim who I'd agreed to work for).

We had a few good moves going, stretching everyone out at 60km/h when something happened up front. I think someone rubbed a wheel and swerved. Tim swerved. My front wheel and Tim's derailleur met and my front wheel came off second best. The two guys behind me came off even worse as they hit the deck.

Tim and I stopped and helped out the injured. Once they were ok I grabbed my spare front wheel and we rode to the finish.

I'm happy that despite the CBFs I got on the bike. I'm happy that I was able to ride strongly. I'm sad that my front wheel is in poor shape.

Result: 53rd

D: 116.4km
A: 635m

Apologies for this post being late as well.

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BK said...

Well done sport!
I dips me lid to ya, you're a bigger man than I chewin of both races in a weekend.....literally.