Saturday, 24 October 2009


Melbourne to Warrnambool:
After a late night getting the last few details organised my plans of riding down to the race start went out the window in favour of a lift. This meant that I lined up at the race start with no warm up at all.


I think I've mentioned it here before, but I wasn't sure what I wanted from this race. I'd signed myself up and used it as a big scary motivational stick, but never really worked out what I wished to achieve. Mostly this is because I'd never raced anything like it and was unsure how my body would cope, let alone compared to the other racers.

From the start I sat in, the pace felt fairly easy, but looking back that was likely just due to the size of the bunch. Around 15km in a break went up the road, soon to be chased by some additional riders, forming a bunch of 20ish riders. No one seemed eager to work to chase them down, I was one of them (who didn't want to work).

The race continued without much of interest. At one point I accidently rode off the front in a 3 man break. It wasn't very convincing and we were soon back in the fold.

Dave (my support) didn't make it to the second feed station at Lismore (150km in) in time to feed me, to compound the issue I'd ditched both bottles to prepare for a set of fresh ones.... on top of all that the Rapha guys attacked into or out of the feed station catching many (my self included) off guard. Lesson learnt: always leave a bottle on your bike just in case.

I chased hard to catch a few riders in the gap, soon we had 6-8 guys riding flat out trying to bridge to the attack bunch. After what felt like 10-15 minutes, I went past the point of no return and popped. I should have seen the signs earlier and sat on for a few turns, but I really wanted to catch the attacking bunch.

I dropped back to the group that had been chasing us, we worked together and were soon back to my original chasing bunch. I think they had sat up, but either way it was a relief that I hadn't given up 15 spots by riding beyond myself. We ended up with ~60 riders total, many of whom seemed unwilling or unable to pull turns.

Wanting to finish sooner rather than latter, I rolled continual turns until around 20km out when I felt a few spasms of cramps. 15km out both legs locked up and I had to drop out of the bunch. I rolled home in 125th, not an impressive number but I'm comfortable with it considering the bunch I was in finished 60th-120th, many of whom did no work all day.

All up, it was a decent day of riding, a pity about the cramping though.

Result: 125th

D: 265.6km
A: 1180m

PMPW: 91kg

Apologies for the delay in getting this post up.

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