Wednesday, 21 October 2009


A few errands to run today meant that I'd have to leave the bike at home.

I continued my bodily abuse with the roller this morning, but only made one pass on each ITB before eating breakfast a second time became a very real possibility.

Despite the pain of this morning I had another go at them tonight. First with the massage stick. Leaning on it as hard as I could, everything felt fine. I figured maybe the stretching and morning session had worked things out, and grabbed the foam roller again. While there was less pain, it was still brutal and had me trying to find a happy place.

Foam roller: 2, Neil: 0.

PMPW: 90kg

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Mak said...

hey mate good luck for the weekend. After feeding a winner (Simon Gerrans) a few years ago I got a insight into the madness. My only advice is warm into it and hope you make the first major split (normally after Geelong in the hills) and then keep the head down and chase those wheels. Good luck!