Tuesday, 20 October 2009


6:00am NRR:
Sat in and spun the little ring all the way down to Mordi. Having a 44t certainly makes such a task easier, but as Phil Liggett would attest, I had 'incredible cadence'.

The return leg featured a reasonable headwind, so I sat in (despite every fibre of my brain demanding I move further up), until Brighton where I pulled through to the front. I had a good sit for the sprint but was out classed by a Total Rush rider and had to settle for second.

Sitting in certainly left me with a bit more speed to sprint, but I think the deep section wheels also played a part.

D: 37.8km
A: 120m

Just want to keep riding all day, well if it wasn't for the hay fever.


D: 28.4km
A: 310m

Did half an hour of stretching and time on the foam roller. I think I'd rather do another hour behind the motor bike than another 30 with the roller. :(

PMPW: 90kg

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