Sunday, 18 October 2009


Met up with Carl down near Modella to get some speed work done. The plan was simple, he would ride his motorbike, I would ride my road bike, and we'd see how long he could hang on for.....


Sadly I wasn't able to drop Carl, he always seemed to have more power than me.

Ok, so I blew 4 times and thus had to ask for him to slow down, I've got mixed emotions about that. I'm happy I didn't ask him to slow down before I blew, ensuring I was pushed to my limit, but I wish I'd tried to hold on an extra few seconds each time, to really extend those limits. I'm stoked I asked him to increase the speed twice, and that we held close to 60kmph for a couple of extended periods.

D: 53km
A: 90m

Oval session!

1 x 50 Sandbag snatches
1 x 30es @ 12kg KB Clean and Jerk (long cycle)
1 x Tyre Run/Walk/Stop and wait for the world to stop being purple (full oval)
1 x Sledge Hammer, Tyre Flip
1 x 50 MB Slams
1 x Tyre sprint/gasp for air (half the oval)

The new harness is pretty cool for dragging stuff around, I even dragged one of the tyres back to Jeff's with it... remind me not to do that again.

PMPW: 90kg

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