Sunday, 18 October 2009


Hell Ride:
Rolled out the door to wet roads, nothing too unusual for this tome of year, but certainly just enough so that sitting on a wheel meant a face full of road grit.


The ride itself had few people, anyone who was anyone had themselves signed up for the Lygon St Suntour (support) Crits. On top of that, a Channel 7 news crew had come down for some reason to check us out.... well it all added up to one of the smallest and certainly one of the best behaved Hell Rides I've ever seen.

I copped a flat just past Olivers Hill/Hopes Rise, I did as quick a change as I could with my micro pump and then 180'd to see if I'd catch the bunch on the way back through Frankston. It turns out all I was to catch in Frankston was another flat tyre! 3 flats in 2 days, methinks that spells the end of this set of "winter" tyres.

I hooked up with a small bunch for the roll home, nothing terribly exciting, though I was pleased that I got no more flats.

A quick thanks to the random dude who gave me a tube. Thanks random dude!

D: 84.7km
A: 270m

PMPW 91kg

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