Sunday, 11 October 2009


SKCC Crit:
I wasn't sure if I should race today, but I wanted to get a couple of kms in, so I rolled down to the St Kilda crit with Tim. We were a little late for a B-grade entry, but that's ok as the Nacional boys have been racing A. Watching the lower grades go around I decided I would sign up for A and just roll around. If things got too tough I'd pull the pin and that would be that.

So I sat on, generally at the back, sometimes towards the middle, but it was all sitting on. A break went clear up the road a few times, but me... I was sitting on. Have I mentioned sitting on yet? Anyway, it didn't feel overly tough, possibly because my only point of comparison was B-grade last week where I threw out some attacks and generally spent more time in the wind.

In my mind A-grade was a fantasy land where speeds averaged 70km/h and riders had muscles growing out of muscles. The reality of my day was that they're the marginally faster half of the bunch rides I've been doing, well, at least at a club level.

I moved up with 3 to go, got towards the pointy end with 1 to go, and was happy to have a little stretch of the legs in the bunch sprint (the bunch was sprinting for 9th).

D: 88.2km
A: 434m
stats include a few extras. :)

1 x 30ES @ 36Kg OSBB Step up to Lunge
1 x 20ES @ 36Kg OSBB Step up to Lunge
1 x 10ES @ 36Kg OSBB Step up to Lunge
1 x 30ES @ 36Kg OSBB Explosive Step Ups
1 x 20ES @ 36Kg OSBB Explosive Step Ups
1 x 10ES @ 36Kg OSBB Explosive Step Ups
1 x 10 @ 36Kg OSBB Bears
1 x 5 @ 34Kg OSBB Bears
1 x 5 @ 36Kg OSBB Bears
1 x 50ES @ 8Kg KB Box Jumps (note 1 KB only, so 100 reps total)
1 x 50 Box Jumps
1 x 12 @ 15Kg MB Squat, Walk, Jump Press.

I tore my foot open again on the first set of step ups, which were by far the hardest. The explosive ones were just as tough as on Thursday, the first few are always easy, but they get increasingly sucky from about rep 7 (of each side). The Box jumps with only 1 KB were hard, due to equal parts smashed legs, high rep count and the off balance nature of only 1 KB.

PMPW: 91kg

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