Friday, 30 October 2009


Justin said something last night that's ringing in my head.

"I thought about buying new wheels, but figured I could just save that money and take a week off working to train instead."

While I'm still going to buy pretty new bits, I'll try to keep this one in mind as a good guide for behaviour.

PMPW: 90kg

Thursday, 29 October 2009


Threw in a lap of the Yarra Boulevard with Justin on the way home. Partially for the ks and efforts but mostly for the conversation.

D: 43.7km
A: 430m

2 x 20 Deck Squats
5 x 15 Powerband Sprints
3 x 20ES @ 36Kg OSBB Step up to Lunge
2 x 20ES @ 36Kg OSBB Bulgarian Split Lunge


Not a heap of motivation today, still I think I did a reasonable job of getting the work done.

The boys doing their Step up to Lunges.

Jeff's first experience with double power bands.

It seems that Jeff does want me to be a chia pet. He also crushes large men into submission with only the sound of his voice. :o


PMPW: 90kg

Wednesday, 28 October 2009


A small group consisting of Jim, Mario, Gavin and myself headed out to the back of Westerfolds and back.

The mood and conversation were light, my legs were not. Not only did I feel like I lacked fitness based speed, my skills and cornering were woeful.

We had made decent time to the drink fountains, but Mario didn't have lights with him, and I was feeling smacked, so we all turned for home. The highlight of the night for me was a brief period of flow while chasing Jimmy's wheel. I managed to turn off my brain and just do as he did lines and speed wise.


Sadly there is no distance measurement for the ride, I didn't realise the front wheel i was using didn't have a magnet until it was time to go.

T: 1:46
A: 125m

I'm not 100% sure, but I think an email Jeff sent me means he wants me to become a Chiapet. Perhaps my lack of manly facial hair is getting to him.

PMPW: 90kg


Pulled out the fixie for a really easy roll to and from work.

D: 28.2km
A: 205m

I'm aware that I haven't really told anyone much about the weekends racing (either here or in person). While part of that is the fact that it was a huge weekend mentally and physically, it also has to do with a lack of actual goals for the events. I'm still in the process of recovering from it and reconciling how it all went down.

The whole weekend feels like a positive experience, I raced lots and I'm alive. I proved to myself that I'm as strong physically as the lower echelons of A-Grade roadiedom as well as being mentally tougher. That's pretty much bang on what I'd hoped to achieve from this whole build up.

From here I'll refocus on riding mountain bikes, it's been a while and I'm sure my dirt skills need some work. There are a heap of enduros straight away, followed by a summer of XC and Crits, all ending up with yet another Otway Odyssey.

PMPW: 89kg

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


Something I ate last night didn't agree with me. Due to the sensitive nature of some of my readers I'll spare you all the details of my sensitive internals. The short version is despite being ravenously hungry the smell of food makes me nauseous.

Sadly these issues prevented me from getting on the bike, and made me fairly uninterested in stretching.

PMPW: 89kg

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Shipwreck Coast Classic: - Victorian Road Champs
When I signed up for the Warny it seemed like a stupid idea, then I noticed there was a race the day after, so to make the Warny seem less stupid I signed up for the second race as well. Sometime between the sign up and today the race became the Victorian Road Championships.

So I woke up and Could. Not. Be. Fucked. Who would have thought that the day after the longest race in the southern hemisphere I wouldn't want to ride let alone race again? Crazy, I know!

So after two breakfasts, I kitted up. The skinsuit was out due to a lack of pockets, but the medal for finishing the Warny was in! It kept hitting me in the chest during the race, reminding me that I was a freaking retard. :)

I had no idea how my legs would fare, and had no goals for the race. The race started straight into a hill buffeted by strong cross winds. Almost instantly riders were strung out in the gutter, gaps formed and breaks appeared.

I did my best to help Tim out, including giving him a push to a wheel he was chasing. After that I got together with one of the A-Grade TFM riders I know from Hell Ride. The TFM dude was absolutely hammering it on his turns, and we were soon back with Tim as a 4. We all worked together and were soon a 6.

I think we lost the TFM dude at Allansford (where the finish would be), but collected another couple of riders. We worked well as a group, forming echelons across the road into to the wind, everyone doing their bit. At some stage another small group caught us, yet seemed unable to join in to pull turns. In hindsight we would have been better off to attack them and had them off our wheels.


By the time we turned to head home with the tailwind I was feeling good about the race, I felt I was the strongest rider in our bunch and started to plan how to shell everyone else (bar Tim who I'd agreed to work for).

We had a few good moves going, stretching everyone out at 60km/h when something happened up front. I think someone rubbed a wheel and swerved. Tim swerved. My front wheel and Tim's derailleur met and my front wheel came off second best. The two guys behind me came off even worse as they hit the deck.

Tim and I stopped and helped out the injured. Once they were ok I grabbed my spare front wheel and we rode to the finish.

I'm happy that despite the CBFs I got on the bike. I'm happy that I was able to ride strongly. I'm sad that my front wheel is in poor shape.

Result: 53rd

D: 116.4km
A: 635m

Apologies for this post being late as well.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


Melbourne to Warrnambool:
After a late night getting the last few details organised my plans of riding down to the race start went out the window in favour of a lift. This meant that I lined up at the race start with no warm up at all.


I think I've mentioned it here before, but I wasn't sure what I wanted from this race. I'd signed myself up and used it as a big scary motivational stick, but never really worked out what I wished to achieve. Mostly this is because I'd never raced anything like it and was unsure how my body would cope, let alone compared to the other racers.

From the start I sat in, the pace felt fairly easy, but looking back that was likely just due to the size of the bunch. Around 15km in a break went up the road, soon to be chased by some additional riders, forming a bunch of 20ish riders. No one seemed eager to work to chase them down, I was one of them (who didn't want to work).

The race continued without much of interest. At one point I accidently rode off the front in a 3 man break. It wasn't very convincing and we were soon back in the fold.

Dave (my support) didn't make it to the second feed station at Lismore (150km in) in time to feed me, to compound the issue I'd ditched both bottles to prepare for a set of fresh ones.... on top of all that the Rapha guys attacked into or out of the feed station catching many (my self included) off guard. Lesson learnt: always leave a bottle on your bike just in case.

I chased hard to catch a few riders in the gap, soon we had 6-8 guys riding flat out trying to bridge to the attack bunch. After what felt like 10-15 minutes, I went past the point of no return and popped. I should have seen the signs earlier and sat on for a few turns, but I really wanted to catch the attacking bunch.

I dropped back to the group that had been chasing us, we worked together and were soon back to my original chasing bunch. I think they had sat up, but either way it was a relief that I hadn't given up 15 spots by riding beyond myself. We ended up with ~60 riders total, many of whom seemed unwilling or unable to pull turns.

Wanting to finish sooner rather than latter, I rolled continual turns until around 20km out when I felt a few spasms of cramps. 15km out both legs locked up and I had to drop out of the bunch. I rolled home in 125th, not an impressive number but I'm comfortable with it considering the bunch I was in finished 60th-120th, many of whom did no work all day.

All up, it was a decent day of riding, a pity about the cramping though.

Result: 125th

D: 265.6km
A: 1180m

PMPW: 91kg

Apologies for the delay in getting this post up.

Friday, 23 October 2009


Some mild stretching and a heap of running around sorting out last minute items before this weekend's racing.

PMPW: 90kg

Thursday, 22 October 2009


6:00am NRR:
I rode this one a lot like Tuesday, little ring spinning my arse off on the way down, sitting in the bunch and seeing how well I could play in the sprint on the way back. I was a little far down the queue when it came time to sprint. I had to work to get around riders unable to hold the pace, and was 2-3 guys back when the final kick came, still I rolled the line in 4th.


I did cop a couple of comments about having my big wheels on a training ride. Fair play too, I've been too lazy to swap them out for the box sections, as I still haven't changed the tyres off of them.

D: 41.2km
A: 115m

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 10 Powerband Sprints
3 x 10ES @ 24kg OSBB Explosive Step Ups
3 x 20 @ 8kg MB Box Jumps
2 x 20 @ 36kg OSBB Jump Squat
1 x 2 Tyre sprints

Jeff did some research during the week, and it turns out the Powerbands we've been using are rated to stretch 2.5 times their length. A quick pace out suggests that I've been getting them to 5-6 times their length. It's possible this might explain why they have a tendency to break/ruin after I'm done with them. :D

With that info in mind I was given a choice for my powerband sprints, go less distance (ie. moderate my effort) and do more, or use two bands. I chose to go the double bands.... my sprint distance was more than halved and the return leg was viscious. Considering I'm back down to the distances I started off at with 1 band, I'll continue with the double and see if I can start to increase the distance again.

Box jump with a MB are a little odd, holding something in front of you as you jump up and down is awkward. The jump squats were bellow parallel and were a little evil, I hit the second set faster to make use of my muscle elasticity and it helped a little but certainly didn't make them easy.

Jeff getting some tyre sprints in.

PMPW: 90kg

Wednesday, 21 October 2009


A few errands to run today meant that I'd have to leave the bike at home.

I continued my bodily abuse with the roller this morning, but only made one pass on each ITB before eating breakfast a second time became a very real possibility.

Despite the pain of this morning I had another go at them tonight. First with the massage stick. Leaning on it as hard as I could, everything felt fine. I figured maybe the stretching and morning session had worked things out, and grabbed the foam roller again. While there was less pain, it was still brutal and had me trying to find a happy place.

Foam roller: 2, Neil: 0.

PMPW: 90kg

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


6:00am NRR:
Sat in and spun the little ring all the way down to Mordi. Having a 44t certainly makes such a task easier, but as Phil Liggett would attest, I had 'incredible cadence'.

The return leg featured a reasonable headwind, so I sat in (despite every fibre of my brain demanding I move further up), until Brighton where I pulled through to the front. I had a good sit for the sprint but was out classed by a Total Rush rider and had to settle for second.

Sitting in certainly left me with a bit more speed to sprint, but I think the deep section wheels also played a part.

D: 37.8km
A: 120m

Just want to keep riding all day, well if it wasn't for the hay fever.


D: 28.4km
A: 310m

Did half an hour of stretching and time on the foam roller. I think I'd rather do another hour behind the motor bike than another 30 with the roller. :(

PMPW: 90kg

Monday, 19 October 2009


Just a lazy spin on the commuter. I used the nature of it's fixed drive train to force a high cadence on all the descents. The rough aim was to get a tiny amount of last minute training, and to generally keep everything operational.

D: 26.6km
A: 185m

Several people have recently commented that I get annoyed when beaten by a girl, I'd like to address this. I don't like it when I'm beaten by anyone! It doesn't matter who you are, odds on I want to beat you. :)

I will admit that I might possibly be size-ist. If you're smaller than me, then I would like to be stronger than you. All this ignores power to weight and all that jazz, but hopefully this competitive nature is helping to drive me to be stronger.... THAN ALL OF YOU! :)

PMPW: 90kg

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Met up with Carl down near Modella to get some speed work done. The plan was simple, he would ride his motorbike, I would ride my road bike, and we'd see how long he could hang on for.....


Sadly I wasn't able to drop Carl, he always seemed to have more power than me.

Ok, so I blew 4 times and thus had to ask for him to slow down, I've got mixed emotions about that. I'm happy I didn't ask him to slow down before I blew, ensuring I was pushed to my limit, but I wish I'd tried to hold on an extra few seconds each time, to really extend those limits. I'm stoked I asked him to increase the speed twice, and that we held close to 60kmph for a couple of extended periods.

D: 53km
A: 90m

Oval session!

1 x 50 Sandbag snatches
1 x 30es @ 12kg KB Clean and Jerk (long cycle)
1 x Tyre Run/Walk/Stop and wait for the world to stop being purple (full oval)
1 x Sledge Hammer, Tyre Flip
1 x 50 MB Slams
1 x Tyre sprint/gasp for air (half the oval)

The new harness is pretty cool for dragging stuff around, I even dragged one of the tyres back to Jeff's with it... remind me not to do that again.

PMPW: 90kg


Hell Ride:
Rolled out the door to wet roads, nothing too unusual for this tome of year, but certainly just enough so that sitting on a wheel meant a face full of road grit.


The ride itself had few people, anyone who was anyone had themselves signed up for the Lygon St Suntour (support) Crits. On top of that, a Channel 7 news crew had come down for some reason to check us out.... well it all added up to one of the smallest and certainly one of the best behaved Hell Rides I've ever seen.

I copped a flat just past Olivers Hill/Hopes Rise, I did as quick a change as I could with my micro pump and then 180'd to see if I'd catch the bunch on the way back through Frankston. It turns out all I was to catch in Frankston was another flat tyre! 3 flats in 2 days, methinks that spells the end of this set of "winter" tyres.

I hooked up with a small bunch for the roll home, nothing terribly exciting, though I was pleased that I got no more flats.

A quick thanks to the random dude who gave me a tube. Thanks random dude!

D: 84.7km
A: 270m

PMPW 91kg


Melbourne - Mt Eliza - Melbourne:
Used the NRR to get Campbell and myself down to Mordi, then we kept going on down to Frankston. Without really thinking we did the Hellride loop.

Despite Campbell's outrageous jersey it was a nice ride. A couple of efforts on the rolling hills back along beach road, but generally just rolling out the kms.


I got a flat around Chelsea, it's been a while, but the joy of inflating with a tiny pump is still the same.

D: 86.0km
A: 300m

PMPW: 91kg

Friday, 16 October 2009


There are only so many rest days in a week... after all that I've had, rain was no excuse for not getting on the bike. I hope I got the correct number of negatives in that statement to infer that I'm a lazy bum.

PMPW: 91kg

Wednesday, 14 October 2009


Jeff's.... kinda:
With the promise of motor pacing this weekend I wanted to get my weights done earlier in the week to ensure I'd be recovered and able to give the motorbike's rear wheel my fullest attention. This meant that I'd have to skip hanging out with Jeff and his lovely setup and instead make do with a lesser operation. Jeff being the top bloke that he is emailed me through a lovely list of things to achieve, so I took that to my local gym, as I couldn't find anything suitable at home or around the place I could step/jump onto.

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 40 Box Jumps
3 x 10ES @ 20kg Step up to Lunges
3 x 10ES @ 20kg Explosive Step ups
1 x 15 @ 20kg Jumping Squats
2 x 15 @ 40kg Jumping Squats
1 x 10ES @ 20kg KB Snatches
2 x 14ES @ 20kg KB Snatches


There were a couple of variations to the routine Jeff gave me. Firstly 40 instead of 30 box jumps. The box was lower, so I figured more reps would compensate.

I did Step up Lunges before explosive step ups... and got the rep count wrong (10 instead of 5). I also noticed a lack of power/snap in the right leg.

I added additional weight for the last two sets jumping squats to speed them up. Gravity wasn't pulling my light 90kg+ frame down to the ground fast enough.

I stuffed up the first set of snatches by only doing 10 instead of 15.

I learned a few things amongst all this. Firstly I can't read/count to save myself. Secondly normal gyms don't cater for the stuff I/we do.

PMPW: 91kg

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Another day of taking it easy and trying to get good amounts of sleep.

PMPW: 89kg


Just trying to get ahead of the sleep curve, not surprisingly my body is feeling a little beat up.

The background nerves of the race have given way to the immediate nerves of motorpacing this weekend..... 2 hours sitting behind a motorbike.... that's doing close to 50km/h... oh shit what have I signed up for?

PMPW: 90kg

Sunday, 11 October 2009


SKCC Crit:
I wasn't sure if I should race today, but I wanted to get a couple of kms in, so I rolled down to the St Kilda crit with Tim. We were a little late for a B-grade entry, but that's ok as the Nacional boys have been racing A. Watching the lower grades go around I decided I would sign up for A and just roll around. If things got too tough I'd pull the pin and that would be that.

So I sat on, generally at the back, sometimes towards the middle, but it was all sitting on. A break went clear up the road a few times, but me... I was sitting on. Have I mentioned sitting on yet? Anyway, it didn't feel overly tough, possibly because my only point of comparison was B-grade last week where I threw out some attacks and generally spent more time in the wind.

In my mind A-grade was a fantasy land where speeds averaged 70km/h and riders had muscles growing out of muscles. The reality of my day was that they're the marginally faster half of the bunch rides I've been doing, well, at least at a club level.

I moved up with 3 to go, got towards the pointy end with 1 to go, and was happy to have a little stretch of the legs in the bunch sprint (the bunch was sprinting for 9th).

D: 88.2km
A: 434m
stats include a few extras. :)

1 x 30ES @ 36Kg OSBB Step up to Lunge
1 x 20ES @ 36Kg OSBB Step up to Lunge
1 x 10ES @ 36Kg OSBB Step up to Lunge
1 x 30ES @ 36Kg OSBB Explosive Step Ups
1 x 20ES @ 36Kg OSBB Explosive Step Ups
1 x 10ES @ 36Kg OSBB Explosive Step Ups
1 x 10 @ 36Kg OSBB Bears
1 x 5 @ 34Kg OSBB Bears
1 x 5 @ 36Kg OSBB Bears
1 x 50ES @ 8Kg KB Box Jumps (note 1 KB only, so 100 reps total)
1 x 50 Box Jumps
1 x 12 @ 15Kg MB Squat, Walk, Jump Press.

I tore my foot open again on the first set of step ups, which were by far the hardest. The explosive ones were just as tough as on Thursday, the first few are always easy, but they get increasingly sucky from about rep 7 (of each side). The Box jumps with only 1 KB were hard, due to equal parts smashed legs, high rep count and the off balance nature of only 1 KB.

PMPW: 91kg

Saturday, 10 October 2009


Spoke(n) Ride:
Woke up early for the Hellride, but was still in the grips of DOMS, decided to skip it, get a little more sleep and roll around with the Spoke(n) crew instead. No point digging the hole any deeper.

The ride cruised down to Mordi, I sat in and almost lost my mind trying to resist initiating a sprint. The pace was easy and the legs were feeling ok, I began to wonder if I'd made the right choice in skipping the longer harder session.

At Mordi we just had time to turn ourselves when the Hellride come past, so we jumped on for the free tow. The bunch was massive, so I (and everyone else) worked up the bunch to get to a safer location. The push up the rollers made me realise I'd made the right choice.

With spanked legs, it was a perfect morning for coffee and stories with mates.


D: 47.9km
A: 135m

Carl has offered to motorpace me next week. I'll have to talk to Jeff about training, possibly go on wednesday to ensure I'm in good enough condition. I don't think this is an opportunity I can afford to miss.

PMPW: 90kg

Friday, 9 October 2009


Decided against riding to give my foot a chance to recover a little before the weekend's shenanigans.

DOMS starting at 12:00 on the dot, this morning there was some tightness, so I did 15 minutes of of stretching, a lot more this evening should hopefully keep things in working order. I blame the sprints for my quads being destroyed and the squats for my hamstrings being as tight as guitar strings... and not those loose bass guitars either.

In other news it turns out I did enough for 3rd in the points race on Tuesday night. First race in A-grade, straight into the money, nice!

PMPW: 90kg

Thursday, 8 October 2009


D: 24.5km
A: 245m

Jeff did a 4 point pinch test before we started, my results put me at 10.5% body fat. I think I should be able to get that lower come XC season, but I'm still pretty happy with that.

4 x 10 Powerband Sprints
1 x 7 Powerband Sprints
1 x 10ES @ 16kg KB Swings
5 x 10ES @ 36kg Explosive Step Ups
2 x 50 @ 36kg Squats

I was meant to do 6 x 10 sprints, but tore the bottom off of my right foot. A pity, because I was going further than last week for a full 10 count. It's also possible that I've destroyed another powerband..... oops. :)

The step ups were slightly hindered by my foot, the squats were just plain hard.


Tour de Burbs:
Felt a little flat (duh), finished mid pack up Doncaster, 3rd up Williamsons Rd, 2nd on Foote St, mid pack on Burgundy St, chased the hook turners up the cutting and finished with a 4th on Heidelberg/Heidelberg. Not too bad an effort, but I might have to stretch out muscles that were trying to accommodate my right foot issues.

Afterwards I did a lap of the boulevard with Justin, I forgot how bloody dark that road is. I'm normally on a MTB with my HID.

Bag weight: 5kg

D: 53.6km
A: 695m

Carl has put up a couple of vids from Sunday's Summer Sprint Series (SSS), this is me vs Chris Ray in the first round. So, so, so, so close! :D

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Daylight savings has thrown me a bit, sleep has been shitty and I've been a grumpy dude the last couple of days.

I think I'll make up for it by smacking myself tomorrow so that I sleep well tomorrow night.

PMPW: 91kg


I had half planned on racing B grade, but Ian pointed out that he had been racing A, and that if I raced B I would effectively be saying he was faster than me. So... well, there's fat chance of me admitting to that any time soon, so I put my name down for A grade.

The field contained a few guys I'd done ok against at Sunday's racing, which did a little to placate the nerves. First up was a scratch race. I was feeling ok, but got caught behind a split at 2 laps to go. I may have been able to bridge it, but I would have been too tired to contest the sprint, so I swung up the boards to get the next rider to provide some help, sadly the help wasn't as strong and we finished half a straight down in 5th/6th.

I've always hated points races, the attacks hurt me. I watched the attack for the first of 3 points go, and rolled a tempo to ensure it stayed within sight. Pushed on when they all swung up the boards tired and managed to get some points on the next one (3rd?), from there it was a war of attrition I went the long way around another rider and snuck my wheel in front for a 2nd.

I had a little hope I'd do ok in the motorpace, 26 laps seemed like a long way, but whatever, sitting behind a bike is easy. It turns out that 26 laps allows a motor bike to ramp up the speed to "OMG" fast by around lap 10 (to go). I worked my arse off as my vision slowly closed down to a tunnel, a tunnel filled with pain and the elusive wheel in front of me. It was around lap 4 (to go) that I finally blew and pulled up the banking, while the remaining few riders fought it out

Overall I'm comfortable with my results. I finished ~ mid pack in all races and with some work/practice to get over being pretty wheel shy at those speeds I might be able to get better results without any fitness improvements.

I moved from a 49x15 to a 50x15 for the racing, it's bigger than I've run in the past, but then I'm faster than I was in the past, so it seemed to work.

PMPW: 91kg

Monday, 5 October 2009


I've got no excuse today, just didn't do anything productive. With the weather looking shite tomorrow I might skip NRR and the dirt crit and just head to DISC for some track time.

PMPW: 91kg

Sunday, 4 October 2009


SKCC Crit:
Pre race I was nervous, I knew I should be fast enough for a result, I'd even told everyone so.... which just meant that if I didn't achieve one, then it was a greater failure. Especially with the big boy wheels on.


2nd, beaten by a VIS trackie.


Sausages Eaten: 1

D: 46.1km
A: 35m

Went with a bigger gear (92" vs 88"), mostly because that's what was on my bike, but also because my strength is up and leg speed down. Did a light warmup on the rollers, then stood around not sure how I'd go. For the flying 200, I wound it up a lap and a half out, dropped in late down the back straight and felt wobbly through the final turn. 13.2.... 0.2 faster than my previous best, but more importantly well faster than Carl who's got all the kit and has been training specifically for this type of racing. :)


My time was good enough to get me into A-grade for the first time, a blessing and a curse.

First up Chris Ray, a beast of a man. Lost by 1/2 a wheel.


Second I had Brendan Bailey, who's been seeing some form. Lost by 1/2 a wheel.

Finally I had Dino Apolito, he's been consistently faster on the track than me for a few years, significantly so. Win by 1/2 a wheel.

All three races were good, fast and close. Though the win against Dino was great, I'm pretty happy with how close I got to Chris. He won A-grade today and I forced him to race all the way to the line (sure he miscalculated, but I'll take it).

Sausages Eaten: 11

PMPW: 90kg

Saturday, 3 October 2009


Hell Ride:
I felt ok this morning, not great, but not smashed. Still I am due to race twice tomorrow so I thought it best to just get the ks in without going too deep.

I started the ride with Ian, two up on the front. We held a steady tempo and waited for riders to come through. Surprisingly they took until just after Mentone to roll through. From there I just sat in, through to Frankston.


I moved to ~10th before Hopes Rise, and got out of the saddle early only to find myself behind a slower rider with others going around us. I eventually found a way past and made it over the top in 3rd. Pushing to keep the power on, I was soon off the front, clear of everyone with the guy in 1st. Down the other side the bunch caught us, and a few small riders attacked the second hill. I sat on 2nd or 3rd wheel and felt ok. The final hill was a little like last week, I went hard to follow a wheel, but Top Leaper was on the front and it was hurting. I couldn't close the 1 foot gap to the wheel in front, but then it wasn't getting any bigger either.

On the return leg I sat in again, trying to keep towards the front so I wouldn't have to chase when lights inevitably came in to play.


Sitting 30th-40th at the bottom of Rickets Point, I told Ian I was going to go for it. I pulled to the outside and drove a big gear, slowly passing rider after rider. with 30m to go I was within the top 5, but it was starting to hurt, I kept the power on knowing these guys had been working since Frankston and snuck my wheel in front at the crest.

I tried to find someone to lead out for the BP sprint, but no one I knew was up for it. I help wheels as long as I could, but eventually had to pull around when my lead out tired with 800m to go. I aimed to hold a high speed and give everyone a good spring board. At 50 to go I felt a wheel come up to my hip, but it wasn't closing fast, I kicked and kicked clear to take "the win".

Rolled a couple of extras with Ian to check out the Crit course and get some breakfast.

D: 111.3km
A: 390m

PMPW: 90kg

Friday, 2 October 2009


I felt good today, but had zero desire to push. It seems my brain and body were on the same page for resting today.

D: 28.6km
A: 230m

PMPW: 91kg

Thursday, 1 October 2009


6:00am NRR:
A little concerned about how flat I felt yesterday I did my best to sit in the whole ride. I had to work a little to maintain a position near the front of the bunch, but no where near as much as rolling turns.

Around Brighton I got to the front and pulled a few turns, then tried to stretch everyone out through Brighton/Elwood. Around the corner at Elwood sports ovals Hayden Kerr got on the front and held it at 52-53km/h, I was chewing my stem just trying to stay within a foot of the wheel in front, when he flicked the elbow I had nothing. All over red rover, no sprint for you!

D: 37.7km
A: 115m

Riding to work I noticed a guy with his pants falling down, and not just a little bit, he was sitting on the waist! Obviously I'm either out of touch with fashion or he was in a big hurry.


D: 44.9km
A: 345m

8kg MB Slams
36kg OSBB Step Up to Lunges
16kg Box Jumps
16kg Waterbag Clean to Push Press
Powerband sprints/Bear Crawl

3 rounds of 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. Swap legs at 1 minute for the step ups and switch to Bear Crawls on the powerband, otherwise go flat out for 2 minutes, then rest for 1.

I wasn't able to keep a record of every set, but here are the rough number per.
60 Slams
12 ES Step Ups
40 Box Jumps
30 Cleans etc - really I'm not sure about this one, it was taking a heap of mental focus to remember what to do next, I had nothing left to count.
5 Sprints/2 Crawls

Jeff pushed the target back 85cm for my final set of sprints. I'm bloody proud to say I made it every time, though I think the lower rep count per set helped.

PMPW: 90kg