Saturday, 5 September 2009


Blackburn - Mt Dandenong - Blackburn:
I was running late for this morning's Dandenong ride so drove out to Blackburn, dumped the car and rode the rest of the way to the basin with Andrew who'd I'd seen along the road.

Glutes and Hammies pretty sore from Jeff's still, basically there was no snap in my legs, and strength endurance levels felt at around 80%-85%.

The route was up the 1:20, down to Kallista then back up the Tourist Rd to Sky High from Ferntree Gully. Down the Tourist Rd to Montrose and back up up Inverness Rd to Olinda.

We rode as a bunch up the 1:20 and I felt ok with the speed, but wasn't sure how hard anyone else was working.

Up from Ferntree Gully, Andrew took off, I tried to chase him but had to settle back and ride with BJ. I felt I had a half percent over him, but the varying gradient suited us differently. The hard pinch after the hairpin, into the headwind, was a bit of a killer and my quads were screaming.

Up Inverness Rd I just had to click up a gear and stand. This to my surprise took me away from BJ and up towards Andrew. I continued to ride with Andrew back up to Olinda and even felt like I had him stressed on one section.

We descended the 1:20 down to The Basin for a coffee before Andrew and I headed back towards the city.... well back to Blackburn for me.

Despite, or perhaps because of, the descending I'd been doing on my mountain bike I just wasn't confident to hook my roadie into corners on the trips down the mountain.

D: 97.1km
A: 1925m

PMPW: 93kg

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