Tuesday, 29 September 2009


6:00am NRR:
I woke up and got ready with plenty of time, grabbed the bike to leave, only to find out I had a flat tyre. Epicly fast tube change ensued, followed by an all out ITT to make it just as the ride was rolling out. *phew*

I sat on almost all the way down to Mordi, pulling one longish turn towards the end. On the way back I did another longish turn soon after the roundabout then sat on again.

Through Elwood we had a nice high pace, keeping things single file for the sprint, only to get caught at the set of lights ~1km before the BP. I started from the front, ramped it up at a rate that would ensure everyone got a decent sit and tried to see how fast and how far I could get. I got it up to 52km/h before the kick happened, they left me like I was standing still.

I've got a long way to go to being a good a-grade sprinter.

A video of the ride is available on Cycling Tips. I may be in it several times, and there may be footage of me touching Hayden's bum.

D: 40.7km
A: 120m

D: 13.3km
A: 155m

Fitzroy Cycles Ride:
Decided late in the day to not do TdB, but rather try out a different fast Beach Rd bunch. I believe it's the Fitzroy Cycles ride.... why it's named that is beyond me, as it doesn't start anywhere near one.

The ride rolled south through back streets, the pace was moderate... well until Mark (spoke(n)/nacional) and I decided to attack each other. :)

The return trip was brutal. Quite possibly harder than the 6am NRR bunch. Attacks came often and hard. I didn't participate in the attacks (per se), but rather used them as opportunities to bridge gaps (sometimes self created).

D: 62.1km
A: 235m

So that's ~115km for the day, 100 of which have been done ITT or on a hard bunch ride.

Once home I sat down with a 1L tub of Weis Sorbet and a tea spoon. Seemingly moments later the dull sound of the spoon on the bottom of the tub alerted me to the fact I'd scoffed the lot. Hard riding? Check. Insatiable Hunger? Check. Check? Check.

PMPW: 91kg

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