Saturday, 26 September 2009


Hell Ride:
I decided against the epix ride, the weather looked evil and I really wanted to be home in time to see the Grand Final.

I was running late by the time I left the house, stuffed 1 english muffin in while I rode, but had to discard the second one that refused to go down while I hammered at the pedals.

As Ian and I rolled down to Black Rock I wasn't sure what I wanted out of today. I was stiff in the glutes and tender in the quads, so reluctant to get on the front like the last two weeks. I decided to sat in, but strong cross winds and some eager chaps meant that it wasn't all easy going down to Frankston. Around Chelsea I had to put everything into bridging to the front group when riders in front popped and lost wheels.

Up Hopes Rise I felt ok, moving up past riders, over the top I worked to keep the pace up and ended up 3rd wheel with a small gap behind us. Lights dashed our "breakaway chance" and I say in on the next hill, heading up the final rise before the Mt Eliza turn off I went after some riders attacking on the front. 15 seconds later it I popped and was left hoping for a miracle.


On the return leg I started to work from around Seaford. Some long solo turns, some rolling around with others. Eddie Wilson hit us around Chelsea just after a long turn and had me done and dusted, thankfully I got back on when he was chased down and everyone sat up.


Rolled with 2 others through from Mordi until Black Rock, then got back on the front at Sandy. From there I worked long turns with the occasional help from people like Eddie, Into the headwind around Elwood Eddie said he thought I was in some good form..... that meant a lot, coming from him.

I waited for Ian in St Kilda, 12 minutes of standing in the wind I eventually sent him a message asking if he was alive and then proceeded to roll out.


Turns out Ian had blown up around Seaford and had struggled home, this called for emergency action, it called for a doughnut!


I'm happy with the long chase downs on the out leg and the work I did on the way home, especially considering the state of my legs. I'm still nervous as hell about the Warny, but I'm starting to think I'll make it through alive, maybe even in a reasonable place (for my grade).

D: 90.5km
A: 425m

PMPW: 91kg

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