Sunday, 20 September 2009


Hell Ride:
Sat on the bunch around mid pack until around Aspendale. I said this week should be hard, so I rolled up to the front to get some work. It turns out that even with a mild tail wind 50km/h turns hurt, a couple of stronger riders had me chewing on my stem a few times.

Moved forwards up the right side of the pack just before Hopes Rise, but left myself with little space to slot in. I took Oliver's Hill instead, but found it tough solo. I'd never ridden it before, but had a vague idea that it kicked towards the top, added to the fact that I wasn't drafting and was unsure how to pace it.... well I got to the top breathing hard. On the up side I'd made up heaps of places, on the down side, I was blown and had no chance of keeping pace with the guys near me. I hoped desperately to recover while a few riders went streaming past, before tacking onto Ian's wheel, he rolled past and gave some words of encouragement... "come on you fat prick!". Bloody uppity little wench. :)


I sat up front, but on a wheel up the next few rollers, I made sure Ian was alright when I passed him.... "you ok buddy? did you drop something? why are you going backwards?".

Like last week there was a headwind for the return leg, but I was less inclined to hurt in it. I still went to the front and pulled a few turns, and tried to set Leigh up for the sprint.

D: 89.4km
A: 460m

PMPW: 90kg

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