Wednesday, 16 September 2009


Melbourne - Mordialloc - Melbourne:
Down to Mordi and back with Tim, Malachai and Carson. Nothing too fast, just ease them through. I was amused to see my "most comfortable gear" was 53x13.

D: 47.3km
A: 205m

D: 29.4km
A: 230m

PMPW: 90kg


Mak said...

Hey Neil,

You keen to join us on the Epix/Big Mak/Mr T Tee Pee Adventure. More than welcome... I know Jim is tagging along. Some sweet trail to be ridden.
Hope to see you there.... 26th Sept!

Neil Robinson said...

I had heard about such shenanigans. I assume it's viable on a SS...? That's what I'd be riding.

Mak said...

hey if this big unit can doit so can u..... sure there is some climbing but nothing to monster like. I say get on down and we will have some fun SSing!