Tuesday, 15 September 2009


6:00 NRR:
Thought it would good to try the 6am bunch and work on some high speed efforts. Well high speed efforts I got. We were constantly in the mid to high 40s, and hit 58km/h on the flat coming past Sandringham!

I caught caught behind a gap just before the sprint. I managed to bridge to the back of the guys who performed lead out duties, but the sprint was well gone by then. I'd be curious what my sprinting ability is against this/that calibre of rider. Predictions are that I'll get fucking SMOKED, but it should be a good learning experience.

I think that the 6am bunch will be my new go-to for mid week speed work!

D: 40.8km
A: 130m

D: 27.3km
A: 235m

Still a bit sore in the calves, and lacking a bit of top end, I'll have a nice easy one tomorrow.

PMPW: 91kg

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