Saturday, 12 September 2009


Hell Ride + extras:
On the bike at 5:30, to meet Campbell in the city at 6:00. He hadn't been to the Hell Ride before, so I offered to put in some extra Kms and take him right to it.

Rolled in the bunch until around Chelsea when I realised that I wanted to get a workout, so took myself to the front and got to work. We seemed unable to organise a nice rolling working group, so it tended to be a train goes to the front, sits there for too long, then gets replaced by another one.

I moved to the front after hopes rise and tried to hold a good pace through to Mt Eliza. I'd like to think I achieved it. The lights at the bottom of Mt Eliza split me (and others), so I worked to get everyone across.

I sat in a bit to recover and was working again by Seaford. Once again there was no consistency to workers so ended up back in the bunch. Around Aspendale I moved back up the bunch, it was just in time, as lights changed and caught out the rest of the bunch not far behind me.

Round Mordi I moved to the front again and rolled turns. Leigh (spoke(n)) turned up so I told him I'd keep him protected for as long as possible. From there it was a case of hauling back attacks, and sitting out into the wind to give him a good sit.

I effectively rolled turns for the entire after party, then it was off for a coffee and breakfast!


I did a couple of extras to and from the city to ensure that Campbell and Ian didn't get too many more K's in.


D: 120.5km
A: 540m

PMPW: 91kg

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