Thursday, 10 September 2009


Felt fairly flat at work, hopefully I can punch through the session.

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 15 Powerband Sprints
3 x 15es @ 36kg OSBB Box Step Up to Lunge
3 x 50 @ 16kg KB Box Jumps
3 x 15es @ 36kg OSBB Bulgarian Split Squat
2 x 15 @ 36kg OSBB Jerks
1 x 11 @ 36kg OSBB Jerks
3 x 50 @ 36kg OSBB Jumping Squats

I've got mixed feelings about how this session went. I had to bail right on 6 to get to a prior commitment. This also meant that I drove rather than getting a nice easy recovery ride in. I had to skip the stretching and had to settle for jamming in a heap of protein. Hopefully I pull up ok, but considering the work levels, I fear I'm going to be a mess.

I'm disappointed by the sprints sprints, 15 rep sets hurt so much more than sets of 10. I was finishing them before Jeff and Alex finished their (other exercise) sets, and I attempted to get a leg up by starting again quickly to encourage them to rest less. Even so, by the last set I was starting to lag and finishing around the same time as them.

I was ok with the step up lunges, they don't really hurt, they're just stupidly difficult. By the last set I was starting the step up movement from my opposing calf muscle.

I was worried about the box jumps. Normally we don't do anywhere near as much before them, them combine that with their lower margin for error/pain, and well, as I said, I was worried. I was still behind at the start of them, but every set I got closer to starting at the same time as Jeff and Alex, on the last set I started on the same rep as Jeff who was doing sprints. This was one of the positives of the day. Taking the reduced rest and knuckling down to get it done.

Bulgarian splits are similar to the step ups in that they're not overly painful, but they're pretty hard.

The Jerks started off ok, 1 rest in the first set, 2 in the second, 3+ in the third before I tapped out.

The Jumping Squats are kinda funny after doing Jump Squats for so long. With the OSBB just as I start to accelerate up, the lead shot hits the bottom and takes a little bit of the upward momentum away.

PMPW: 89kg

I'm surprised at my weight at the moment, sure I've adjusted my diet a little, but it's fallen away pretty rapidly. Probably just a sign of dehydration.

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