Thursday, 6 August 2009


6:00am NRR:
As I had plans for after Jeff's that required me in a semi respectable state, riding tonight was out of the question, besides the forecast 60+km/h winds sounded evil. So when Tim suggested a 6:00am NRR last night, though not eager, I decided to join him so that I'd still get a few Kms in the legs today. I'll admit I did have some nerves, the later bunch is renowned for being a puppy kicking, baby killing, rolling disaster. This morning didn't do a lot to change that view in my mind, but I'm assured by Downie that it was an exception rather than the rule.

I awoke to the sound of a ripping northerly shaking things up, I took a few moments to contemplate going back to sleep before getting up to poo.

The roll to North Rd was fast, like always the tail wind made me feel bloody strong. Once the bunch started rolling we were holding over 50km/h and that previous feeling of strength begun to be tested.

Once we turned at Mordi I effectively overshot and ended up on the front, I pulled a longish turn into the wind before flicking my elbow and retreating back to the "comfort" behind the few guys willing to work. From here dudes started to attack the bunch, going up the road in ones and twos. The pack would slowly respond, weaving and shaking it's way back through the wind to their wheels.

I did my best to stay towards the front, naturally everyone else was wanting the same thing so I had to settled for advancing, getting swamped, repeat.

I tried to set up Downie for the sprint, but I had us placed too far forward and the headwind through Elwood was like hitting a wall.

Hookers still working Carlisle St. at 7am: 4

D: 41.5km
A: 170m

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 15 Powerband Sprints
2 x 50 @ 20kg Box Jumps
1 x 30ES @ 24kg (KB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 30ES @ 24kg (OSBB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 30ES @ 24kg (KB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 30ES @ 24kg (OSBB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 500 @ 53kg Jump Squats

I managed to break the powerband half way through my last set. I was far enough into the run that my momentum carried me down the driveway and across the road, desperately trying to keep it upright. The new powerband was harder, or maybe it was just that my legs felt like jelly.

I paused during the Jump Squats, once @ 201 to shake out the legs, once at 300 to shake out the legs, and finally at 450..... to shake out the legs. My calves hurt from about rep #70, and I fell in an out of good rhythm. I'm surprised I managed the full count though, I honestly thought I'd be done at 200.

I kept my mouth shut for most of the session, trying to learn from the lessons of last week. Sadly at the end of the session while discussing next week, I uttered the words "I would prefer to be smashed". Jeff's eyes lit up like the slot machine. Fuck.

PMPW: 92kg

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