Saturday, 1 August 2009


Melbourne - Eltham - Hurstbridge - King Lake - Yarra Glen - Wonga Park - Melbourne
Jimmy set the least direct route to King Lake ever, including all the nasty little pinchy back roads we know. We had a good little bunch of 5, including Jim, BJ, Ashley, Campbell and myself (obviously).

My legs weren't feeling perfect, but I seemed to be going ok. I managed to stretch Jim out on the Church Rd climb (Cottles Bridge to Panton Hill). As soon as he dropped off all desire to push myself vanished and Ashley rolled the line a bike length ahead of me.

Campbell hit the wall at the bottom of King Lake, and having had a bit of fun I volunteered to ride with him. It's pretty tough being in a hole and riding by yourself. Our progress up the climb was slow but steady, I worried about getting him home as there was still a fair bit of climbing to come. We gorged ourselves at the bakery before heading back into the cold to trundle down to Yarra Glen.

From there it was the same ride as last week, but I nursed Campbell rather than trying to play with Jim and Ashley. I think the result would have been the same, I'd attack, and they'd finish me off, leaving me to hobble home a shell of a man.

D: 169.2km
A: 2430m

PMPW: 94kg

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