Thursday, 9 July 2009


5:45am NRR:
I wanted to get some time in on the new race wheels before I used them to race on. It's way to early in the piece to start making statements about their performance.

I sat on the front and chatted with Tim McColl down to Mordi, my legs felt a little off, but I rolled through for turns until about Mentone/Beaumaris then sat in the pack and enjoyed the tow. I tried to work my way into the sprint, I had a sit on the eventually winner, but didn't have the legs to match his strong kick, I think I rolled the line in 3rd or 4th, most likely 4th.

I made a quick stop off for a coffee, and was amused by the reaction of another coffee buyer. He looked at me and asked "where are you off to?". It took about 2 seconds for his face to go from polite interest to shock when I told him I was on my way home from a 5:30am start, I think he thought I'd only just got up... what did he think this was, a rest day? :)

This is my happy place after an early ride. A hole in a brick wall that serves a mild roast/blend coffee suitable for quick consumption on an empty stomach.

D: 41.6km
A: 140m

I managed to forget some clothes for work, thankfully I keep a supply of "emergency undies" on hand. :)

D: 45.9km
A: 415m

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 10 Powerband Sprints
3 x 30 @ 16kg Box Jumps
1 x 100 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 200 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 300 @ 53kg Jump Squats
3 x 5 @ 36kg Renegade Man Makers
3 x 10es @ 36kg Ring Lunges/Romanian Dead Lift

It was just Jeff and I tonight, after having some time off my hope was he'd have lost some vigour. He hadn't.

We superseted the Powerband Sprints and the Box Jumps (alternating between them). Every set my HR continued to rise, by the last set of sprints I was struggling to get enough air in and my legs felt wobbly and sweat was literally pouring off me (classy, I know).

The Jump Squats were just a matter of mind over matter, though 300 in a row is never easy. The final two exercises felt like a warm down in comparison to the rest.

At the end of the session I think I discovered Jeff's secret. Riley assisted stretching. No other trainer I've seen or heard about ever mentions stretching post exercise with a 1 year old climbing all over them. That has to be the magic formula!

Word from Alex Randall is that he's got some good racing under his belt with some more to come before returning to a southern hemisphere winter. Rumour has it he's had good legs, but some issues with check points or maps or something orienteery that I don't understand. :)

PMPW: 90kg

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