Wednesday, 8 July 2009


D: 18.5km
A: 130m

I had about the freshest legs I've had for TdB in recent months, as an added bonus I decided to leave my bag at work.

The order of the day for me was long, consistent efforts. I sat on the front with BJ until the bottom of Doncaster, then started to ramp up the power, leaving it in the big ring until the half way level off. A couple of guys in blue kit (not sure what) attacked with some ferocity towards the top, there was no chance of me chasing them down.

Jimmy took the Williamson Rd in a flying effort, straight past everyone that tried to go off the front, while I managed to catch all the rabbits as well, Jimmy was long gone.

Thomson Rd went almost exactly the same as Doncaster, the boys in blue were bad bad men!

Burgundy St was evil, the cutting was a box of pain and the last two sprints netted me a 1st and a 2nd.

I'm going to have to ride fresh and bagless more often.

D: 49.9km
A: 570m

PMPW: 90kg

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