Sunday, 5 July 2009


Kinglake plus some extra bits:
The ride was meant to have quite a few riders, so despite the rain when I woke up, I knew I had to turn up or face ridicule next ride.

Turns out, everyone bar Jim opted for ridicule, so we made a pair for a fairly leisurely cruise up through the hills. Being only a two had it's advantages, there was no one else's wheel to throw water back up at you, so even though it was cold and the road itself was wet, we stayed pretty dry.

The route we took detoured around Eltham, then headed out to the Christmas Hills antique store and back, before off to Kinglake via St Andrews.

By the base of the climb the sun was starting to beam through the clouds. The shafts were beaming down onto the greening black trees and was actually quite pretty.



Past the cutting and we headed into a low cloud, the temperature dropped and so did visibility.


The descent back down Kinglake was freezing, and a little nervous on the wet roads.


One of our conversations had me thinking about being able to quickly regain a level of performance once reached. I've heard the term "muscle memory" thrown around in strength training literature, but I've come to believe that it's not so much to do with the muscles as it is to do with the brain. We train not only our bodys, but also our brains to deal with increased levels of pain. I think it's the previous levels of pain tolerance that lets someone train back up to their previous levels faster than someone who's never achieved them.

D: 126.9km
A: 1935m

Tim my flatmate has taken to swimming and hitting the spa to work out issues with tired muscles. Today I decided I'd join him.

I did a dozen or so laps (25m pool) with varying degrees of enjoyment. I then did several laps of the water slide for much increased levels of enjoyment.

The main purpose of the session was to get some powerful jets acting on over worked muscle groups, so I spent 30-40 minutes in the spa treating my legs.

After the pool we ventured to the bay for some cold water treatment. Tim managed to stand navel deep for several minutes.... I managed to walk out to mid thigh then the pain of the cold forced me to retreat back to shore.

PMPW: 90kg

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