Thursday, 30 July 2009


I intentionally decided not to check the weather forecast for the day. The weather was nice when I woke up and threats of a soaking wasn't going to add to my enjoyment of the roll to work, so why add the concern about later rides?

The ride from work to Jeff's was wet, I decided to not wear my big gloves simply so I'd have at least 1 dry item of clothing to wear on the ride home from Jeff's.

At the end of Jeff's session I discovered my missing ear warmers, turns out I'd left them there on Sunday. Having two (three if you count the gloves individually) items of dry clothing on for the ride home was awesome, and put me in a ridiculously good mood.... well it was that or the litres of endorphins that were careening through my veins.

D: 43.4km
A: 345m

Just Jeff and I tonight, in fact the weather was enough to not only ward off everyone else, but Powerband Sprints as well! Sweet. :)

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 30 @ 24kg Box Jumps
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (KB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (OSBB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (KB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (OSBB) Step Up to Lunge
3 x 250 @ 53kg Jump Squats

I know in the past I've sworn that I won't goad Jeff, I've promised myself not to gloat about beating him but I couldn't help it tonight. Jeff had my ticket (he's small and thus doesn't spend biscuits) on the Box Jumps, but I totally had him for the first two sets of the Step Ups. Being taller they suit me much more and I could complete the sets quicker. So I gloated. I gloated as I suggested we do extras of them (1 extra set of KB, 1 extra set of OSBB), I gloated slightly less when Jeff swapped out his 40cm box for a slightly smaller setup. I gloated much less when Jeff started at a ridiculous pace. I had completely stopped gloating half way through the first set (KBs) when he had got 1-2 reps up on me. My legs were wobbly, by breath ripped through my throat and sweat ran freely.

I checked the clock just before we started the Jump Squats, there was bugger all time left, we both thought 200 would be a good effort. Jeff finished first, and popped inside the house for something, so I snuck in an extra 50 reps. Jeff came back out and I gloated about it, then began to worry that the weights weren't being put away. Oh shit, another set! We didn't set a target this time, I started out thinking I'd go as long as Jeff did, see who would break first..... but stopped at 250, Jeff stopped at 400. Sweet, time to stretch and get changed.... the weights still aren't put away.... Oh shit, another set!

PMPW: 94kg

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