Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Melbourne - Mt Eliza - Melbourne:
When my alarm went at 5:15 this morning I had the same thoughts as yesterday morning with the exception of one addition. I'd half promised to meet someone at the NRR. That one little thought was enough to tip the balance. I groaned and got up and ready for the short roll to meet the 6:00 NRR. The plan was to meet Andrew Downie and the bunch, hitch a ride with it (the bunch)to Mordi then shoot onwards to do some hills behind Frankston/Mt Eliza. Half way to Mordi Andrew let me know that Mt Eliza wasn't an option for him due to time and I was suddenly torn about what to do. Go on with whoever went and hope they cared enough to wait for some bloke they didn't know (me), or roll back home with the bunch and relax with a coffee.

When the time came I saw Leigh (of Spoke(n) Ride fame) peel off to go south, and decided that I'd go with him. At least someone would know me, and hopefully make sure I was ok.

We did around 4 ascents of the hill above Frankston, from all different angles/routes. I rode well, finishing up the front of our small group on the first couple. On Canadian Bay Rd I spent a lot of biscuits early (fat boys don't spend tickets), only to find that the hill kept going longer than I'd expected. The ensuing kick again meant that my legs were feeling fried on the next climb, which thankfully was the last.

The roll home into the head/cross wind was ok. The guys who I'd ridden with were pretty cool and made it easy for me to want to turn up to this ride again. Next time I'll try to find out if it has a name.

D: 91.7km
A: 470m

D: 28.0km
A: 195m

PMPW: 93kg

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