Tuesday, 28 July 2009


D: 18.9km
A: 130m

After turning the alarm off and going back to sleep at 5:05am instead of getting up and doing NRR, I decided I must make amends after work.

It was a small bunch, maybe 12-15 riders. Heading up through Bulleen I sat on the front feeling fine, then an Irish dude rolled up next to me and slowly tore me legs off. This left me less eager on Doncaster Rd, so instead of my recent ramping up of the pace, I just sat on Irish dude's wheel, it was fast enough that I didn't feel like a dirty wheel sucker.

The bunch got split at Williamsons Rd, I managed to get over the hill 2nd of our group, passed the guy in front down Foote st, then sat on Brett Carr as he dragged me up High St back to the guys who were "away".

I got chatting to the two guys in blue from a few weeks ago, the more climber of the two's name is Mark, it's First Place Osteo kit. I let Mark know that I don't love him very much, he responded by smashing me up Burgandy St.

I rejoined him for the cutting where we had a giggle about it, then the burning started in my legs. I pushed to stay next to him the whole way up, but got the feeling he didn't share my leg pain.

I managed to take the Heidelberg/Heidelberg sprint, then jumped on a wheel for a tow down to the bottom. Someone kicked early for red rooster, I jumped to cover them, sat for far longer than I've ever done and kicked around them, feeling strong. It was going well, I could see the sign, then I felt a presence on my hip. I kicked again, the presence wet from my hip to my shoulder, then to past my front wheel then it was joined by some mates. 4th :(

Next time I'll try to wait even longer on the wheel, I'm worried my nerves wont cope, but we'll see.

Bag weight: 3kg

D: 51.0km
A: 560m

PMPW: 94kg

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