Saturday, 25 July 2009


Melbourne - Kangaroo Ground - Yarra Glen - Mt Donna Buang (Don's road) - Yarra Glen - Wonga Park - Melbourne
On the bike at 6:30 into the headwind to meet the boys at 7:30 in Rosanna. We rolled out through the back of Eltham through Kangaroo Ground to Yarra glen.

I wasn't sure who had what in their legs, Jim was doing some big ring strength work and BJ notoriously starts slow then smashed the main climb of the day, the few small nudges we gave it left me thinking it might be relatively even today.

Don Rd is the near side of Mt Donna Buang, the opposite way from what I've done in the past, it starts fairly steep and stays that way. Jim dropped off for reasons he was unable to comment on, so I did my best to play with BJ. It was interesting to note, that like Otway earlier this year different gradients suited us differently. By the time we reached the gate (2/3ish of the way up) I was ready to hand the win to BJ, the gradient there was definitely good for him.

To get home quickly we turned at Yarra Glen and headed through Wonga Park, though shorter it has a few nice little pinches to test out the legs. Jim had magically gained the ability to climb again, and promptly trounced me when I tried to attack him.

Home to a nice shower, some grub and a nanna nap on the couch before tonight's Ventoux stage.

D: 160.5km
A: 2530m

PMPW: 94kg

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