Saturday, 18 July 2009


Melbourne to Ballarat:
On the ride to Deer Park the legs felt ok, 30km of rolling along at a low tempo, thinking about the race.

The cross wind felt bearable with the deep section wheels, and though I was nervous as all hell, I never doubted being able to complete the race.

Out of the blocks my group (6 minutes) set a good tempo, I rolled around once for a turn and felt ok, I rolled around for the second time and felt iffy, by the third turn I knew my legs were cactus. It looks like my decision on Thursday was the wrong one when it came to competing in this race. I spent a few km hanging on the back of the bunch, but with the knowledge that my body couldn't produce power over 75% effort, I didn't have the live or die instinct to keep me there.

I dropped off the back with a wimper and rolled down the road trying to work out what this meant for me and the race. When the 3 minute bunch rolled past I kicked to get on the back and hung out there for a little while, but once again dropped off after not too long. They already had guys strung out and I didn't want to effect their race.

I was barely a barely a 1/4 of the way through the race distance when the sag wagon pulled up. I'd done the two fun descents so just put my bike on the back and got in for the trip.

During the drive I questioned my resolve, ran "what if" after "what if" scenarios through my head, every time I had to remind myself that there was just nothing over 75% in my legs.

I'll try and slip in a couple of club scratch raced before Tour De Timor. Get a little road racing confidence (ok I'd settle for just finishes at the moment) before the Warny.

D: 23.1km
A: 120m

I'd set out to ride to the race, race and ride home. By the time I handed in my numbers I'd done a mere 60km. Despite a lack of company I decided that I would try and salvage part of the day and complete the ride home.

I've got to say that Ballarat locals are really getting behind the Cycling Capital of Australia concept. A few young men offered me some sushi as I rode through town. Yes they have a lot to learn about an effective hand off, a musette would have been much easier than just throwing it from a moving car, but the thought was good.

The ride down the freeway wasn't terribly eventful, a few honks of encouragement, a ripping cross/cross-tail wind and a couple of nice extended descents. I spent the day being half wheeled by my shadow and worrying about how fast the sun was setting.

It was nice to see Brett Kellett waiting for me at the top of Bacchus Marsh cutting, to ensure I was alright. I gave him what i think was a great big shit eating grin, before continuing on to Melbourne. In case I didn't say it on the day, thanks Brett, it was good to see a friendly face, even if it was an ugly one. :)

Back through to Melbourne I didn't have any lights, and tried to cut through some back streets to get to a cycle path faster. I mistook a few streets and ended up in the back of Altona. Oh well extras are good.

D: 167.6km
A: 393m

PMPW: 94kg

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