Friday, 17 July 2009


I ummed and ahhed all day about going to Jeff's. On one hand my back and hamstrings were still tight from Sunday, the same hand was also telling me that I had a crazy handicap for Saturday's race. The other hand told me not to be soft, and pointed out that I've always claimed that these races mean nothing, they're just for training.

So I went, told myself I'd go easy, maybe just do some balance board work to loosen up. Jim and Justin turned up, Jeff hauled out some big weights and I forgot about going easy.

2 x 20 Deck Squats
2 x 15es @ 40kg Box Step up to Lunge
1 x 15es @ 32kg Box Step up to Lunge
1 x 30 @ 23kg Sandbag Snatch
1 x 17 @ 23kg Sandbag Snatch
2 x 20es @ 20kg Jerks
1 x 11 @ 24kg Renegade Man Makers
1 x 10 @ 24kg Renegade Man Makers

We had the two boxes set up next to each other, with 2x20kg KBs on one and 2x16kg KBs on the other. I started with the 20s while Jeff worked on the 16s, he then proposed a swap which I decided to deny. These sets were brutal, I can't explain what about them was so tough, but they just were. Backing up with the larger weights had me shaking and wobbling so I swapped to the 16s for the last set, this of course forced Jeff onto the 20s. :)

We'll it was then I saw what I never believed I would. Jeff paused during a set.... twice.... he's human after all!! :)

I cut my second set of sandbag snatches short as I worried about the force I was putting through my back. The weight felt light for the RMMs, but by the end I was spent. Jeff managed to sucker me into doing 11 when it became quite obvious I'd lost count and was relying on him.

PMPW: 92kg

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