Monday, 13 July 2009


Apologies in advance, my camera has gone away for some minor work, so don't expect photos for a few weeks. On the upside it should be ready to rock and roll before Tour De East Timor.

Thought it best to keep the legs moving after yesterday's session at Jeff's. Threw my leg over the commuter and rolled to work. It wasn't until after I got to my desk that I checked the day's forecast...... maybe it wont rain (or possible thunderstorm) for my commute home.

So, it turns out that I chanced a good time to leave work and only got rained on a little. The road was still soaked, so to ensure I didn't get wet against my will, I aimed for every puddle I could find. Getting wet intentionally isn't awesome, but it's better than when it's out of your control.

My lower back, glutes are feeling pretty mauled.

D: 28.2
A: 205m

PMPW: 90kg

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