Friday, 31 July 2009


No chickens consumed, no riding done, just a few light stretches and early to bed.

PMPW: 93kg

Thursday, 30 July 2009


I intentionally decided not to check the weather forecast for the day. The weather was nice when I woke up and threats of a soaking wasn't going to add to my enjoyment of the roll to work, so why add the concern about later rides?

The ride from work to Jeff's was wet, I decided to not wear my big gloves simply so I'd have at least 1 dry item of clothing to wear on the ride home from Jeff's.

At the end of Jeff's session I discovered my missing ear warmers, turns out I'd left them there on Sunday. Having two (three if you count the gloves individually) items of dry clothing on for the ride home was awesome, and put me in a ridiculously good mood.... well it was that or the litres of endorphins that were careening through my veins.

D: 43.4km
A: 345m

Just Jeff and I tonight, in fact the weather was enough to not only ward off everyone else, but Powerband Sprints as well! Sweet. :)

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 30 @ 24kg Box Jumps
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (KB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (OSBB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (KB) Step Up to Lunge
1 x 24ES @ 24kg (OSBB) Step Up to Lunge
3 x 250 @ 53kg Jump Squats

I know in the past I've sworn that I won't goad Jeff, I've promised myself not to gloat about beating him but I couldn't help it tonight. Jeff had my ticket (he's small and thus doesn't spend biscuits) on the Box Jumps, but I totally had him for the first two sets of the Step Ups. Being taller they suit me much more and I could complete the sets quicker. So I gloated. I gloated as I suggested we do extras of them (1 extra set of KB, 1 extra set of OSBB), I gloated slightly less when Jeff swapped out his 40cm box for a slightly smaller setup. I gloated much less when Jeff started at a ridiculous pace. I had completely stopped gloating half way through the first set (KBs) when he had got 1-2 reps up on me. My legs were wobbly, by breath ripped through my throat and sweat ran freely.

I checked the clock just before we started the Jump Squats, there was bugger all time left, we both thought 200 would be a good effort. Jeff finished first, and popped inside the house for something, so I snuck in an extra 50 reps. Jeff came back out and I gloated about it, then began to worry that the weights weren't being put away. Oh shit, another set! We didn't set a target this time, I started out thinking I'd go as long as Jeff did, see who would break first..... but stopped at 250, Jeff stopped at 400. Sweet, time to stretch and get changed.... the weights still aren't put away.... Oh shit, another set!

PMPW: 94kg

Wednesday, 29 July 2009


Melbourne - Mt Eliza - Melbourne:
When my alarm went at 5:15 this morning I had the same thoughts as yesterday morning with the exception of one addition. I'd half promised to meet someone at the NRR. That one little thought was enough to tip the balance. I groaned and got up and ready for the short roll to meet the 6:00 NRR. The plan was to meet Andrew Downie and the bunch, hitch a ride with it (the bunch)to Mordi then shoot onwards to do some hills behind Frankston/Mt Eliza. Half way to Mordi Andrew let me know that Mt Eliza wasn't an option for him due to time and I was suddenly torn about what to do. Go on with whoever went and hope they cared enough to wait for some bloke they didn't know (me), or roll back home with the bunch and relax with a coffee.

When the time came I saw Leigh (of Spoke(n) Ride fame) peel off to go south, and decided that I'd go with him. At least someone would know me, and hopefully make sure I was ok.

We did around 4 ascents of the hill above Frankston, from all different angles/routes. I rode well, finishing up the front of our small group on the first couple. On Canadian Bay Rd I spent a lot of biscuits early (fat boys don't spend tickets), only to find that the hill kept going longer than I'd expected. The ensuing kick again meant that my legs were feeling fried on the next climb, which thankfully was the last.

The roll home into the head/cross wind was ok. The guys who I'd ridden with were pretty cool and made it easy for me to want to turn up to this ride again. Next time I'll try to find out if it has a name.

D: 91.7km
A: 470m

D: 28.0km
A: 195m

PMPW: 93kg

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


D: 18.9km
A: 130m

After turning the alarm off and going back to sleep at 5:05am instead of getting up and doing NRR, I decided I must make amends after work.

It was a small bunch, maybe 12-15 riders. Heading up through Bulleen I sat on the front feeling fine, then an Irish dude rolled up next to me and slowly tore me legs off. This left me less eager on Doncaster Rd, so instead of my recent ramping up of the pace, I just sat on Irish dude's wheel, it was fast enough that I didn't feel like a dirty wheel sucker.

The bunch got split at Williamsons Rd, I managed to get over the hill 2nd of our group, passed the guy in front down Foote st, then sat on Brett Carr as he dragged me up High St back to the guys who were "away".

I got chatting to the two guys in blue from a few weeks ago, the more climber of the two's name is Mark, it's First Place Osteo kit. I let Mark know that I don't love him very much, he responded by smashing me up Burgandy St.

I rejoined him for the cutting where we had a giggle about it, then the burning started in my legs. I pushed to stay next to him the whole way up, but got the feeling he didn't share my leg pain.

I managed to take the Heidelberg/Heidelberg sprint, then jumped on a wheel for a tow down to the bottom. Someone kicked early for red rooster, I jumped to cover them, sat for far longer than I've ever done and kicked around them, feeling strong. It was going well, I could see the sign, then I felt a presence on my hip. I kicked again, the presence wet from my hip to my shoulder, then to past my front wheel then it was joined by some mates. 4th :(

Next time I'll try to wait even longer on the wheel, I'm worried my nerves wont cope, but we'll see.

Bag weight: 3kg

D: 51.0km
A: 560m

PMPW: 94kg

Monday, 27 July 2009


My last night of shitty sleep due to the Tour for yet another year. It was worth losing sleep though, Garmin Slipstream brought Skin Suit Sunday to the TdF! I vow now that sometime this summer I'll put on my deep dish wheels, my brand new (slightly used) 56T chainring and a skinsuit. I'll then go race a local road crit, with that combo I should be an unstoppable force (excluding any re-unions with the tarmac) and guarantee me a win, seriously, how could it not?!

My boobies hurt.

PMPW: 93kg

edited yesterday to add the sandbag snatches, that's for the pickup Jeff.... i mean letting me know I'd forgotten them, not for making me do them.

Sunday, 26 July 2009


Another week of the whiteboard matrix, but this time it wasn't a challenge to get everything done, but rather to get as many rounds of each exercise as possible.

Run ~ 500m
10 x Chin Ups
10 x Push Ups on Rings
5 x The Bear @ 24kg
10 x Double Cleans @ 32kg
10es x Double Lunge @ 32kg
10 x MB Slam @ 15kg
10 x Jack Knives
Farmers Walk ~ 60m @ 64kg
5es Box Step up to Lunge @ 11kg
*edit* 10 x Sandbag Snatch @ 20kg

I managed 4 of the Step Ups, Slams, Farmers Walk and 3 rounds of everything else. Jeff smashed us all with 4s on everything.

The Lunges were brutal, trying to hold the weight in rack was agony and really restrictive on breathing. I did one set of 15es with 24kg when the 2 16s were taken, same with the cleans. I managed 1 set of strict chin ups, the next 2 were jumping.

Commute to/from Jeff's:
D: 43.7km
A: 345m

PMPW: 91kg

Saturday, 25 July 2009


Melbourne - Kangaroo Ground - Yarra Glen - Mt Donna Buang (Don's road) - Yarra Glen - Wonga Park - Melbourne
On the bike at 6:30 into the headwind to meet the boys at 7:30 in Rosanna. We rolled out through the back of Eltham through Kangaroo Ground to Yarra glen.

I wasn't sure who had what in their legs, Jim was doing some big ring strength work and BJ notoriously starts slow then smashed the main climb of the day, the few small nudges we gave it left me thinking it might be relatively even today.

Don Rd is the near side of Mt Donna Buang, the opposite way from what I've done in the past, it starts fairly steep and stays that way. Jim dropped off for reasons he was unable to comment on, so I did my best to play with BJ. It was interesting to note, that like Otway earlier this year different gradients suited us differently. By the time we reached the gate (2/3ish of the way up) I was ready to hand the win to BJ, the gradient there was definitely good for him.

To get home quickly we turned at Yarra Glen and headed through Wonga Park, though shorter it has a few nice little pinches to test out the legs. Jim had magically gained the ability to climb again, and promptly trounced me when I tried to attack him.

Home to a nice shower, some grub and a nanna nap on the couch before tonight's Ventoux stage.

D: 160.5km
A: 2530m

PMPW: 94kg

Friday, 24 July 2009


D: 26.6km
A: 185m

Tightened up a bit in the calves, no surprise really considering how smashed they felt during yesterday's Jump Squats.

This is what spurred the power/weight conversations of yesterday. Jimmy scrapes into Very Good in the chart, I'm not even sure if I make that. It's crazy to do the calculations on how much weight you'd need to lose (at current power), or how much more power you'd need (at current weight) to go to the top of the chart.

PMPW: 94kg

Thursday, 23 July 2009


I arrived a few minutes early and had a play with Jeff's new Old School BB (OSBB), I have a feeling it's going to feature a lot in our sessions. Currently set @ 24kg it can be set up to 52ish by adding metal shot (ball bearings).

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 10 Powerband Sprints
3 x 10es @ 24kg OSBB Box Step Up to Lunge
3 x 20 @ 16kg Box Jumps
2 x 200 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 310 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 70 @ 53kg Jump Squats

I worked in tandem with Jim, firstly we alternated sets doing Powerband Sprints. I tried to go back faster to keep my HR up, finish quicker and lessen Jims rest. I think I only managed to keep my HR jacked.

We then moved on to the Step Up to Lunge and Box Jumps, alternating each set. Due to Jim being just a fraction faster than me I basically ended up supersetting the lot. Using the OSBB was different, but not as hard as I thought (Jeff this is not a request to make it heavier). The major issue for me was the near complete lack of recovery between sets, my heart was pounding and sweat pouring off me by the end of the last Box Jump.

Jeff jacked the Jump Squats to 300 on the third set after I admitted I was concerned he had planned it on the second, next time I'll keep my mouth shut. The final 70 were Jims, he opted out at 230 and it seemed a shame to waste them.

There was some talk about power to weight ratios and how far we are from a truly elite level. The discussion was moved inside after the session so we could watch the previous day's tour highlights and eat caramello koalas.

PMPW: 93kg


There were plans to ride, there were backup plans to ride, and then there was the backup to the backup plans.

Even with all that planning the lure of not getting wet, hot food, a couch, and a telly showing others riding was too much, I headed home without any saddle time.

PMPW: 93kg

Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Powerful Owl ITT:
Had a bit of fun doing the Powerful Owl ITT tonight. Sadly my chain came off while cranking round the back part of the course and I lost a heap of time trying to put it back on with hands shaking from adrenalin.

James Dickey took the win over Rohin Adams, I hope to give them both a nudge next time.

The Tuesday night crew of Duncan, Veitsy et al joined in and made it all a bit of fun. It was nice to smile while on the bike, the seriousness of recent road races has got to me a bit (that and my shitty results..... or lack the of).

D: 9.4km
A: 55m

PMPW: 92kg

Monday, 20 July 2009


Oh man htfu kid was AWOL again, apologies for the disruption to normal services. It seems my host has had a tougher week than I have, things should be back and running for good now (the blog not my poop). *fingers crossed*

I'm going to give my body some time to recover fully before beginning a slow ramp up. Too often I end up with a "Smash - Forced Recovery - Repeat" cycle. There are a few things on at work that will likely restrict my riding, so it's as good a week as any to get the body humming before starting afresh.

PMPW: 91kg


Melbourne - Mordialloc - Melbourne:
I felt pretty hollow this morning, but thought it best to get out for a roll. Teamed up with Tim and another spoke(n) rider Chris for a gentle roll down to Mordi.

It turns out the roll down was gentle due to the stiff northerly, the ride home was anything but.

D: 37.4km
A: 180m

I joined Tim for another recovery session at the pool. I did a few laps but if I'm going to continue doing this, some decent goggles and some budgie smugglers are in order. Closed eyes and billowing board shorts do not make for easy lap after lap swimming.

There was also time spent with tired muscles over water jets and some stretching in the Sauna, but as the water slide wasn't in operation, I had no choice but to retire to home, a couch blanket and some sport on telly.

PMPW: 91kg

Saturday, 18 July 2009


Melbourne to Ballarat:
On the ride to Deer Park the legs felt ok, 30km of rolling along at a low tempo, thinking about the race.

The cross wind felt bearable with the deep section wheels, and though I was nervous as all hell, I never doubted being able to complete the race.

Out of the blocks my group (6 minutes) set a good tempo, I rolled around once for a turn and felt ok, I rolled around for the second time and felt iffy, by the third turn I knew my legs were cactus. It looks like my decision on Thursday was the wrong one when it came to competing in this race. I spent a few km hanging on the back of the bunch, but with the knowledge that my body couldn't produce power over 75% effort, I didn't have the live or die instinct to keep me there.

I dropped off the back with a wimper and rolled down the road trying to work out what this meant for me and the race. When the 3 minute bunch rolled past I kicked to get on the back and hung out there for a little while, but once again dropped off after not too long. They already had guys strung out and I didn't want to effect their race.

I was barely a barely a 1/4 of the way through the race distance when the sag wagon pulled up. I'd done the two fun descents so just put my bike on the back and got in for the trip.

During the drive I questioned my resolve, ran "what if" after "what if" scenarios through my head, every time I had to remind myself that there was just nothing over 75% in my legs.

I'll try and slip in a couple of club scratch raced before Tour De Timor. Get a little road racing confidence (ok I'd settle for just finishes at the moment) before the Warny.

D: 23.1km
A: 120m

I'd set out to ride to the race, race and ride home. By the time I handed in my numbers I'd done a mere 60km. Despite a lack of company I decided that I would try and salvage part of the day and complete the ride home.

I've got to say that Ballarat locals are really getting behind the Cycling Capital of Australia concept. A few young men offered me some sushi as I rode through town. Yes they have a lot to learn about an effective hand off, a musette would have been much easier than just throwing it from a moving car, but the thought was good.

The ride down the freeway wasn't terribly eventful, a few honks of encouragement, a ripping cross/cross-tail wind and a couple of nice extended descents. I spent the day being half wheeled by my shadow and worrying about how fast the sun was setting.

It was nice to see Brett Kellett waiting for me at the top of Bacchus Marsh cutting, to ensure I was alright. I gave him what i think was a great big shit eating grin, before continuing on to Melbourne. In case I didn't say it on the day, thanks Brett, it was good to see a friendly face, even if it was an ugly one. :)

Back through to Melbourne I didn't have any lights, and tried to cut through some back streets to get to a cycle path faster. I mistook a few streets and ended up in the back of Altona. Oh well extras are good.

D: 167.6km
A: 393m

PMPW: 94kg


Took the fixie and stayed clipped in and accelerating on all the descents, just to get my legs stretched and flushed of all the evilness Jeff's puts in.

My chicken eating speed was a bit off the pace today, not enough to call a doctor, but it does add some concern to the brain.

Did a bit of stretching in front of the footy and tour and ashes...... sport.... overload!

D: 28.2
A: 205m

Chickens eaten: 1/2

PMPW: 92kg

Friday, 17 July 2009


I ummed and ahhed all day about going to Jeff's. On one hand my back and hamstrings were still tight from Sunday, the same hand was also telling me that I had a crazy handicap for Saturday's race. The other hand told me not to be soft, and pointed out that I've always claimed that these races mean nothing, they're just for training.

So I went, told myself I'd go easy, maybe just do some balance board work to loosen up. Jim and Justin turned up, Jeff hauled out some big weights and I forgot about going easy.

2 x 20 Deck Squats
2 x 15es @ 40kg Box Step up to Lunge
1 x 15es @ 32kg Box Step up to Lunge
1 x 30 @ 23kg Sandbag Snatch
1 x 17 @ 23kg Sandbag Snatch
2 x 20es @ 20kg Jerks
1 x 11 @ 24kg Renegade Man Makers
1 x 10 @ 24kg Renegade Man Makers

We had the two boxes set up next to each other, with 2x20kg KBs on one and 2x16kg KBs on the other. I started with the 20s while Jeff worked on the 16s, he then proposed a swap which I decided to deny. These sets were brutal, I can't explain what about them was so tough, but they just were. Backing up with the larger weights had me shaking and wobbling so I swapped to the 16s for the last set, this of course forced Jeff onto the 20s. :)

We'll it was then I saw what I never believed I would. Jeff paused during a set.... twice.... he's human after all!! :)

I cut my second set of sandbag snatches short as I worried about the force I was putting through my back. The weight felt light for the RMMs, but by the end I was spent. Jeff managed to sucker me into doing 11 when it became quite obvious I'd lost count and was relying on him.

PMPW: 92kg

Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Another DOMS enforced rest day, today my hot water bottle has even made the trip to work with me. Hopefully no one finds out or I'll never live it down.

Anyway, handicaps have been assigned for this weekend's Melbourne-Ballarat race, I'm in the second last bunch (6 minutes), but Leigh Howard is in the scratch bunch and I fear that by himself he could chase down limit (20 minutes).

PMPW: 91kg


Ok, before it was just spent muscles, now it's DOMS. My lower back is pretty much useless and immobile.

Some positives about this exist, firstly it amuses everyone around me and secondly it has created new employment opportunities. I can now say that I'm doing my part in pulling this country out of recession, as there is one less unemployed hot water bag in Australia.

PMPW: 91kg

Monday, 13 July 2009


Apologies in advance, my camera has gone away for some minor work, so don't expect photos for a few weeks. On the upside it should be ready to rock and roll before Tour De East Timor.

Thought it best to keep the legs moving after yesterday's session at Jeff's. Threw my leg over the commuter and rolled to work. It wasn't until after I got to my desk that I checked the day's forecast...... maybe it wont rain (or possible thunderstorm) for my commute home.

So, it turns out that I chanced a good time to leave work and only got rained on a little. The road was still soaked, so to ensure I didn't get wet against my will, I aimed for every puddle I could find. Getting wet intentionally isn't awesome, but it's better than when it's out of your control.

My lower back, glutes are feeling pretty mauled.

D: 28.2
A: 205m

PMPW: 90kg

Sunday, 12 July 2009


Melbourne - Mordialloc - Melbourne:
I totally wussed out on racing MTB today, I fell asleep on the couch watching the tour and decided to get a night's sleep without an alarm set.

Went for ride to Mori (and coffee) with Tim and Malachai. Though there was still a stiff northerly, we weren't going too hard so it wasn't too tough.

D: 52.6km
A: 165m

Tonight was another Kettle Bell session, perform an exercise, and every minute move to the next one. Generally this meant 10-30 seconds of rest once the reps were complete, but that's no where near enough to get your HR down.

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 20 @ 24kg 2 Arm Swings
1 x 20ES @ 24kg 1 Arm Swings
1 x 6 @ 24kg Left side only
(rest for 2.5 sets)
3 x 15ES @ 24kg Clean
3 x 10ES @ 24kg Jerk
3 x 5ES @ 24kg Snatch
3 x 5ES @ 24kg Clean and Jerk
3 x 15ES @ 24kg 1 Legged Dead Lift
3 x 20 @ 24kg 2 Handed High Pull
Finished of 1 Arm Swings

Jeff handed me a 24kg KB, and at first I was happy, by half way into the 1 armed swings I was shaking, light headed and feeling the presence of lunch creeping up my throat.

I went and sat down outside while everyone else carried on, Jeff and Chris both had 24s as well, so I'm a little ashamed of giving in. I finished off the reps while everyone else packed up and stretched, but it's not quite the same.

Trying to eat some nachos became a comedy due to the uncontrollable hand shakes. I decided that regardless of any hormone suppressing effects the best way to quell them was with some Chimay Grand Reserve. I can't remember if it worked, 9% beer after a dehydrating workout seems to knock me on my arse, funny that. :)

*edit* I had listed snatches as 10 reps per set, it was 5.

PMPW: 90kg


Cecil Shore Memorial - Hamilton 120:
If I'd thought about how far away Hamilton was before I entered this race, odds I wouldn't have ticked the box, but with the money spent I got myself up early for the 300km drive.


There was a brutal northerly wind blowing and I was pretty concerned that all I had were my 68mm section wheels with me, it turns out the course was North/South, so apart from 1 or two gusts I didn't have to worry, I pedalled, they went around.

Like the Preston Mountain Classic I was 2 bunches out from scratch (I'm pretty sure this doesn't get a cool name), in this case we had 16 minutes of leeway. So along for the journey with me were 23 (other) riders a few of them had nice big strong looking legs, so I was confident we'd be able to stay up the road for a while. This opinion changed as we rolled up the road into the headwind, it was higglty pigglty, only resembling an echelon at the crudest level, and surges flowing down the line on regular intervals.

Once we reached Cavendish, which seemed like an awesome name given how well Mark is doing at the TdF, we threw a u-bolt around a witches hat and began the track back to Hamilton for the first time. Here the working group went from 24 down to 4-6, but the pace basically doubled. 30ish into the headwind, 60+ with the tail wind. A bunch of big boys rolled around fairly regularly, it was hurting me, but it's not every day I get to pull a turn at 65km/h on the flat so I did my bit. Half way back to Hamilton we got a time check from the side of the road, 3:30 to the lead group. Despite the seemingly poor work into the wind we'd gouged 15 minutes out of limit's head start.

Not long after this point I became aware than my rear brake was dragging, I figured it had been knocked or was misaligned so at 50ish km/h I reached behind me to give it a tug. While in hindsight putting my digits next to a wheel with bladed spokes seems very, very, very, very, very stupid, at the time I needed to get it sorted so it wouldn't get into my head. Turns out the bolt had loosened off and so the second my fingers went back to the bars, the calliper just flopped back against the rim and the noise began again.

It got in my head.

Coming up to Hamilton while distracted by the brake I let a gap open to the wheel in front, soon it was a gap to the bunch. I called on all the muscles i could think of to power me back on, but the gap wasn't closing in a hurry. Out of Hamilton towards the second "loop" I was officially not in touch and finally I let it go, turned around and headed back to hand in my numbers.

By the time I got back to my car scratch still hadn't come through, so I grabbed an allen key, gave the brake a touch up and headed back to the course. I chased a rider from the bunch behind me (they'd gone through by this stage) and we rode nervously awaiting the guys off scratch. A quick kick as the lead rider came past and I was on the back of the 10ish riders, but I was strung out. I worked hard to hold the wheel at ~50km/h but the rise that would normally not register suddenly became Mt Ventoux, PING, I was off the back of my 2nd bunch of the day.

Slightly disappointed I turned my bike and myself back into the headwind and driving rain, back to Hamilton to get dry and changed.

Sitting in the pub with a chicken parma watching the finish it looked like my bunch got up! Rider #51, Andrew GRAHAM, on a Roulette Green Cubano looked to be at the very pointy end. I'm not sure if he got the win, it was hard to tell for sure, and CSV don't have the results up yet, but as he was the strongest guy in our bunch I'm sure he gave it a solid kick in the guts.

D: 65.6km
A: 475m

PMPW: 91kg

Friday, 10 July 2009


Not much going on today, a little light stretching and some speed chicken eating trials.

I started feeling a little tightening in the lower back, glutes and calves late today, but nothing too horrible.

Chickens eaten: 1/2

PMPW: 90kg

Thursday, 9 July 2009


5:45am NRR:
I wanted to get some time in on the new race wheels before I used them to race on. It's way to early in the piece to start making statements about their performance.

I sat on the front and chatted with Tim McColl down to Mordi, my legs felt a little off, but I rolled through for turns until about Mentone/Beaumaris then sat in the pack and enjoyed the tow. I tried to work my way into the sprint, I had a sit on the eventually winner, but didn't have the legs to match his strong kick, I think I rolled the line in 3rd or 4th, most likely 4th.

I made a quick stop off for a coffee, and was amused by the reaction of another coffee buyer. He looked at me and asked "where are you off to?". It took about 2 seconds for his face to go from polite interest to shock when I told him I was on my way home from a 5:30am start, I think he thought I'd only just got up... what did he think this was, a rest day? :)

This is my happy place after an early ride. A hole in a brick wall that serves a mild roast/blend coffee suitable for quick consumption on an empty stomach.

D: 41.6km
A: 140m

I managed to forget some clothes for work, thankfully I keep a supply of "emergency undies" on hand. :)

D: 45.9km
A: 415m

2 x 20 Deck Squats
3 x 10 Powerband Sprints
3 x 30 @ 16kg Box Jumps
1 x 100 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 200 @ 53kg Jump Squats
1 x 300 @ 53kg Jump Squats
3 x 5 @ 36kg Renegade Man Makers
3 x 10es @ 36kg Ring Lunges/Romanian Dead Lift

It was just Jeff and I tonight, after having some time off my hope was he'd have lost some vigour. He hadn't.

We superseted the Powerband Sprints and the Box Jumps (alternating between them). Every set my HR continued to rise, by the last set of sprints I was struggling to get enough air in and my legs felt wobbly and sweat was literally pouring off me (classy, I know).

The Jump Squats were just a matter of mind over matter, though 300 in a row is never easy. The final two exercises felt like a warm down in comparison to the rest.

At the end of the session I think I discovered Jeff's secret. Riley assisted stretching. No other trainer I've seen or heard about ever mentions stretching post exercise with a 1 year old climbing all over them. That has to be the magic formula!

Word from Alex Randall is that he's got some good racing under his belt with some more to come before returning to a southern hemisphere winter. Rumour has it he's had good legs, but some issues with check points or maps or something orienteery that I don't understand. :)

PMPW: 90kg

Wednesday, 8 July 2009


I felt a little funny in the chest, and had some weird ear popping feelings at TdB last night, so felt it best to take it easy today.

PMPW: 89kg

Holy crap 89kg! I haven't seen that in a while, probably need to drink a bit more liquid. :)


D: 18.5km
A: 130m

I had about the freshest legs I've had for TdB in recent months, as an added bonus I decided to leave my bag at work.

The order of the day for me was long, consistent efforts. I sat on the front with BJ until the bottom of Doncaster, then started to ramp up the power, leaving it in the big ring until the half way level off. A couple of guys in blue kit (not sure what) attacked with some ferocity towards the top, there was no chance of me chasing them down.

Jimmy took the Williamson Rd in a flying effort, straight past everyone that tried to go off the front, while I managed to catch all the rabbits as well, Jimmy was long gone.

Thomson Rd went almost exactly the same as Doncaster, the boys in blue were bad bad men!

Burgundy St was evil, the cutting was a box of pain and the last two sprints netted me a 1st and a 2nd.

I'm going to have to ride fresh and bagless more often.

D: 49.9km
A: 570m

PMPW: 90kg

Tuesday, 7 July 2009


A quick note about the blog being AWOL the last few days. It appears my host (DNS) had some issues so while the site was live you wouldn't have been able to get to it. That should hopefully be all fixed now.

A fairly easy rest day, just a quiet spin to and from work.

D: 28.8km
A: 200m

PMPW: 92kg

Sunday, 5 July 2009


Kinglake plus some extra bits:
The ride was meant to have quite a few riders, so despite the rain when I woke up, I knew I had to turn up or face ridicule next ride.

Turns out, everyone bar Jim opted for ridicule, so we made a pair for a fairly leisurely cruise up through the hills. Being only a two had it's advantages, there was no one else's wheel to throw water back up at you, so even though it was cold and the road itself was wet, we stayed pretty dry.

The route we took detoured around Eltham, then headed out to the Christmas Hills antique store and back, before off to Kinglake via St Andrews.

By the base of the climb the sun was starting to beam through the clouds. The shafts were beaming down onto the greening black trees and was actually quite pretty.



Past the cutting and we headed into a low cloud, the temperature dropped and so did visibility.


The descent back down Kinglake was freezing, and a little nervous on the wet roads.


One of our conversations had me thinking about being able to quickly regain a level of performance once reached. I've heard the term "muscle memory" thrown around in strength training literature, but I've come to believe that it's not so much to do with the muscles as it is to do with the brain. We train not only our bodys, but also our brains to deal with increased levels of pain. I think it's the previous levels of pain tolerance that lets someone train back up to their previous levels faster than someone who's never achieved them.

D: 126.9km
A: 1935m

Tim my flatmate has taken to swimming and hitting the spa to work out issues with tired muscles. Today I decided I'd join him.

I did a dozen or so laps (25m pool) with varying degrees of enjoyment. I then did several laps of the water slide for much increased levels of enjoyment.

The main purpose of the session was to get some powerful jets acting on over worked muscle groups, so I spent 30-40 minutes in the spa treating my legs.

After the pool we ventured to the bay for some cold water treatment. Tim managed to stand navel deep for several minutes.... I managed to walk out to mid thigh then the pain of the cold forced me to retreat back to shore.

PMPW: 90kg

Saturday, 4 July 2009


Hell Ride:
Just a cold wet shitty morning on the bike. The ride wasn't overly fast, a little push on the Frankston/Mt Elisa hills but that's about it. No one wanted to risk binning it on the wet roads.

I sat on the front for a fair portion of the return journey chatting to whoever wanted to come sit in the wind with me.


D: 89km
A: 355m

PMPW: 93kg

Friday, 3 July 2009


I had to take a decent look at myself over my attitude to rain this week, even still I did not enjoy the trip to work when it came down with some vigor.

I think a few more layers and the addition of my rain shell should tip the balance in the favour of getting on the bike despite precipitation.


D: 28.2
A: 205m


I raced B-grade in a biggish bunch 15-20 riders, but failed to have any legs in the first two races, the third was called off when the roof leaked.

For reference the three races that they run on Thursdays are Scratch, Points and Motor pace.


I'm not sure if the lack of legs was the 3 days off the bike, the months off track racing or my general mental malaise. Perhaps it's a case of all three. I'm starting to think I need a little bit of a workout before a heavy session. My current theory is it takes the edge off of my brain so I don't over think things, or maybe it gives my pain threshold a nudge so it's not such a shock when I hit it during a race.

PMPW: 92kg

Thursday, 2 July 2009


Oh man, I'm such a girls blouse! I had everything ready to go for a Fatties ride, but piked due to.... well due to me being a big girls blouse.

What's the point of wool socks and single speeds if it isn't to deal with a bit of rain.

In an attempt to get over this case of girlsblousitis, I'm going to go race track tomorrow night. It's dry and indoors and, well it's dry. I think that ticks all the boxes of getting me on the bike this week.